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too sacred to be uttered

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First aired in 1963 on New York's WBAI, "Radio Unnameable" was a groundbreaking departure in format and philosophy from traditional radio programs: Fass connected ordinary callers with each other as well as with studio guests--cultural icons of the era including Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Timothy Leary, the Grateful Dead, and Hunter S.
But not for the French Muslim elite, or for the soldiers in the clandestine war against terrorism, or for the few journalists who dare to name the unnameable at the risk of being accused of Islamophobia.
Darnielle's novel straddles the ordinary world and an unspeakable, unnameable darkness." SAM SACKS
No to the Greetings Reading Series at Unnameable Books, it belittles in introductions
If it is true that identities change when people cross borders, it must follow that literature freed from borders, like the queer poetry and fiction included in this issue of WLT, can transform unnameable truths into written--and spoken--beauty.
The intentions of Hille's retreat are obscure, but she has clearly peered behind the veil of daily drab and drudgery and is exorcising the banal, "that a light may break, exempt of anguish." In this she resembles the nameless, disintegrating protagonist of Beckett's The Unnameable, utterly baffled by the real, reduced to a filthy corner of the world, narrating the dissolution of the physical and social self, narrating unto nothingness.
en ek onthou sy hande te onstuimig vir my see sy boot te groot vir my hawe sy mond wat kon vloek soos 'n matroos onthou hoe ek my lyf gesmeer het met die verf tussen my bene gaan grou het om sy boot daar uit te haal gerol het oor my ma se bed die lakens besmeer met verf Die eerste afdeling van die bundel, getiteld "Chora" (die Griekse woord vir "afgeslote ruimte" of "baarmoeder") verwys dan spesifiek ook na Kristeva se siening van die Platoniese "chora", wat soos volg uit Desire in Language (1980) aangehaal word: "unnameable, improbable, hybrid, anterior to naming, to the One, to the father".
Five recent films: Paul Lovelace and Jessica Wolfson's remarkable Radio Unnameable deals with the histories of the indomitable Bob Fass, WBAI, and America from the late '50s to the present.
They recognize something unnameable in each other, an intoxicating cocktail of longing, mystery, and isolation.
An election-year natural, "Radio Unnameable" is ostensibly about Bob Fass, one of the more famous/ notorious personalities in New York media and an icon of free-speech radio.
Bewes traces Coetzee's engagement with shame from an overt grappling with something named to the appearance of shame as an unnameable principle of his writing and describes shame in Coetzee as "both obligatory and reprehensible, impossible and inevitable" (150)--this statement also demonstrates the style of Bewes' book.
She's a pioneer in feminist, gender and LGBT studies, a tenured professor at UC Santa Cruz, and her efforts to name the unnameable have entered the canon of cinema studies.
In Brooklyn, Unnameable Books is slated to open on Vanderbilt Avenue in Crown Heights within the next month.
He added: "There are always people wanting a session with me now but I sort of put my head down and make out I've got an unnameable disease."
Decorative objects were among the Unnameable. Medford is not descended from the original settlers on Island; he was the survivor of a wreck that claimed the lives of his parents.