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(of neurons) not myelinated

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Odiete (1978) illustrated in this species a sort of concentrically lamellar figures that were deemed as myelinated axons (but this was only in small-sized ones), stating, however, that most axons entering the medulla were typical unmyelinated.
The physical methods counter-irritate and are based on the "Gate Control" theory that suggests that noxious sensation carried on unmyelinated C fibers can be masked by simultaneous activation of nerve fibers that conduct non-noxious stimuli.
Nerve histopathology of the different forms of FAP is similar showing fiber-length-dependent polyneuropathy, loss of myelinated nerves, particularly small myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers.
1973) Influence of the length of the depolarized zone on the extracellular potential field of a single unmyelinated nerve fibre.
31) These fibers were often associated with DCUN1D2-positive unmyelinated Schwann cells.
Electron microscopy showed dense HNE staining on the basal laminae of blood vessels and on the plasma membranes of unmyelinated axons [21].
Increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images and decreased signal intensity on T1-weighted ones are demonstrated in almost all patients with the exception being infants and neonates where T1-weighted images show enhancement due to the similar relaxation time of T1 and the unmyelinated brain [13].
Afferent innervation to the bladder arises from the dorsal root ganglia, and nerves supplying the bladder are primarily composed of small, myelinated A-S fibers and unmyelinated C fibers.
Histopathological findings associated with Q163X mutation include severe loss of myelinated axons, moderate loss of unmyelinated fibers, and onion bulb formations, with no evidence of axonal renewal (16).
A similar signal takes about 300 milliseconds on unmyelinated axons.
16) When there are abnormal nerve growth and elevated levels of peripheral nerve sensitization, the nerves most often recruited are C-fibers, unmyelinated fibers largely associated with both peripheral and central neuropathic pain.
Differences in age-related effects on myelinated and unmyelinated peripheral fibres: a sensitivity and evoked potentials study.
In the submucosa, the network of unmyelinated nerve fibers and ganglion cells constitute the submuosal plexus (Meissner's plexus).
2 million axons per nerve); its intra- and extra-cranial location; its myelinated and unmyelinated segments; and the high energy demand by the retinal ganglion cells.
Currently, skin biopsy is the accepted standard for measuring the loss of small, unmyelinated C fibers in the epidermis, one of the earliest detectable signs of peripheral nerve damage.