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Synonyms for unmoved

Synonyms for unmoved

Synonyms for unmoved

emotionally unmoved

being in the original position


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Well below his high standard Cameron 6 Came off three minutes from time with hamstring injury Shawcross 7 Steady, tall and unmoveable as Blackpool Tower Wollscheid Booked 6 Had his poor moments, not totally convincing.
However, in many circumstances where pasts are moveable and unmoveable, the present and the past occupy distinct spaces where one makes way for the other.
The anger that swept the country around the TFWP even forced the usually unmoveable Harper regime to modify the program (although not really addressing the underlying objections to this oppressive program).
creates an unmoveable bulwark against change, interference, or
For Melchiori, The Merry Wives of Windsor, 50-51, the 1602 date also poses an unmoveable stumbling block.
Paintings themselves are unmoveable, but time is passing."
He wrote that "blessed by God, the Work of Reformation is not dead with him, but God has raised up a Princess to rule over us, whose example will teach us the Fear of God, and whose Resolutions are unmoveable fixt, to Discountenance and Punish the workers of Iniquity." (81) Harrison's sermon, given shortly after William's death in 1702, contains many references to the transition of the crown and explicitly connects the two monarchs.
In the second test, they presented males with an unmoveable red block screwed into the ground.
"'Unmoveable Relics': The Farr Family and Revisions of Position, Direction, and Movements in Eudora Welty's 'Clytie.'" Eu WN24.1 (2000): 14-18.
His achievement gives hope to many who thought barriers were solid and unmoveable. All it takes is one person to make the unimaginable, the unfathomable, suddenly doable.
However, for the Church, Psalm 103's statement that '[My God] hast founded the Earth upon its own bases: it shall not be moved for ever and ever' was no less unmoveable than the Earth itself.
(18.) These measures redefined the precise definition of forms of public assembly that required a permit, criminalizing "unofficial" convergences of the scale necessary to effect successful disruption of the FTAA, including the "Sleeping Dragon" devices used by activists in Seattle to lock themselves together, chained to the ground so as to be virtually unmoveable, a measure that contributed greatly to the success of the blockade of the WTO.
We looked around and found that the someone was the young unmoveable physician.
But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the book is the insights it provides into the fluidity of our 'traditions.' Even that most unmoveable of celebrations, New Year's Day, wasn't always celebrated on 1 January.
The land, always firm and unmoveable, opposes the rowdiness and perpetual discord of the sea's ever-changing nature.