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not grieved for


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Suffice it to say that when Bolivar died at 46, his approval rating was negative and he went largely unmourned.
I watched the world move on in York - leaving behind Clegg, unloved and unmourned.
Scores of innocent Baloch children, women, men and elderly persons have been losing lives or limbs, unmourned and unlamented, in the blasts of improvised explosive devices that militants plant on roads and pathways in the countryside.
For love she drowned herself, and she was held accurst To pray for her neither simple nor gentle durst, And through the timeless years of poetry she slept Unmourned and unannealed, but Jesus wept.
The pain and loneliness I felt, the agonies of coming out, the anxieties of rejection--these feelings of my own late adolescent experience were suddenly very present in me," says the 37-year-old playwright, "and these older, unmourned traumas from the past were sort of waking up again.
The departure of Scotney, curiously unmourned, and Morris has been put down to "budgetary constraints" and nobody envies Paul Bittar his role as wielder of the axe.
Once when emaciated by the old age of 81 years and long sickness he fell down from the steps, the ambulance took him to the hospital where he died on 2nd Rabi II, 1373 (December 10, 1953) unsung and unmourned.
The idea of obtaining a greater understanding of one's family system is based on Brave Heart and DeBruyn's (1998) theory that unmourned losses, otherwise known as historical unresolved grief were transposed or passed on from generation to generation and that today they have become a living presence among today's generation as they are transferred through culture and identity formation (Kestenberg, 1989).
The memory, the voice of the assassin of his innocent, unmourned father haunts Laurent throughout his life.
Many lived and died there in these institutions, unmourned, relatives never notified, buried in unmarked graves.
In this nightmarish vision of haunting from (and by) the future, Dicken's miserly protagonist Scrooge is shown the violent repercussions of his cruelty for his employee Cratchett in the shape of the death of Cratchett's son Tiny Tim, as well as his own death, a lonely, unmourned tyrant.
22 LR S&W 61, (born 1970, died unmourned 1974) seemed to support this view.
Osama Bin Laden, a mass killer, passed virtually unmourned from the scene.
How many broken relationships or deaths unmourned, how many abandoned dreams or missed opportunities?