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(especially of a title) free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law


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The city accounts for 13% of unmortgaged housing equity in North East.
Or is it possible you might buy more property, in which case you might want to use the unmortgaged value of the flat as security for a further loan?
It is estimated that people over 65 hold more than pounds 1 trillion in unmortgaged housing wealth.
What does seem clear is that, for five generations, the Ewbank family had tried to expand their estate, and that gradually these efforts had brought them to ruin, much as Michael's attempts to keep his land unmortgaged also brought him to ruin.
But just in case, it has the option of selling off a whole bunch of non-operating real estate, which it owns, when it becomes unmortgaged in 1996.
Nearly 80 percent of the flood victims who received disaster assistance either lived in unmortgaged homes or had mortgages that were not sold into the secondary market and so escaped a confrontation over flood insurance because their lenders could not require them to purchase a flood insurance policy.
Therefore, their success in establishing a new life in the same countryside outside Glen Ellen as that represented in Burning Daylight, depends on their ability to survive in the competitive world, without the head start of an unmortgaged property.
An unmortgaged home, a bank account or two, a few investment securities, and life insurance proceeds can quickly push the "average" American's estate into the minimum applicable estate tax bracket of 37 percent.
The thing which makes the difference here is that only one generation of this dynasty-the one born just as the First World War ends-has to pay off a mortgage without receiving an unmortgaged house as a bequest.
Whitestone maintains liquidity and financial flexibility through cash balances, unmortgaged properties, and availability under its credit facility.
The total value of Britains housing stock has passed the 6 trillion mark for the first time after gains of 385 billion in 2015, but post credit crunch gains continue to favour the south over the north, and unmortgaged home owners and private landlords over homeowners with debt, according to new analysis from real estate adviser, Savills.
She inherited a lump sum of money as well as an equal share of her parents' unmortgaged family home at Holly Street, Rhydyfelin, with her brother, Paul, who lives at the property.
According to Age Concern, it is estimated that over 65s hold more than pounds 460 billion in unmortgaged equity.
All else equal, these distortions imply it is often more tax efficient to accrue capital gains than interest earnings, and it is tax efficient to own your own home if it is unmortgaged or lightly mortgaged.
But what about the pounds 460billion worth of unmortgaged house assets owned by people over 65 which is simply waiting for the day they become worm food and their ungrateful offspring can urinate it up against the wall.