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not interfered with, disturbed, or harmed

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Now we will proclaim a general amnesty, as did King Harry himself, and say that the field is open and unmolested to all comers.
The youth, turning swiftly to make sure that the rear was unmolested, saw the com- mander regarding his men in a highly regretful manner, as if he regretted above everything his association with them.
They did not long enjoy unmolested the sway which they had somewhat surreptitiously attained.
Our direct course towards it lay through a rather populous part of the bay; but desirous as we were of evading the natives and securing an unmolested retreat to the mountains, we determined, by taking a circuit through some extensive thickets, to avoid their vicinity altogether.
Both parties are free to go their separate ways unmolested, the court wishes you well on your new journey.
Other blue oval stars will include a 1988 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands Turbo Technics in fabulous condition with just 38,000 miles on the clock (PS30,000 to PS35,000), an unrestored 1987 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands (PS23,000 to PS26,000), an unmolested 1992 Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 (PS25,000 to PS30,000) and an almost pristine 1989 Ford Escort RS Turbo Series II (PS18,000 to PS22,000).
For millennia they swam unseen and unmolested in the vast depths, singing and clicking, and interacting with families and other animals, but now they are threatened by sonar.
You can then nick someone for a minor infraction of the rules, while you are allowing the real criminals to go unmolested.
In the auction catalogue Bonhams described the Jaguar as "one of the most unmolested, highly original, 1950s 24-hour-race sports cars still surviving anywhere in the world today.
I find it very easy to walk around unmolested - it is not like being a politician when everyone hates you" Nigella Lawson "I think Jeremy Corbyn is a genuinely idealistic man who is not altogether realistic about politics" Baroness (Shirley) Williams "That I can look totally artificial and be totally real is perfectly fine with me" Dolly Parton "Now at Starbucks where I am the oldest person in the room.
I find it very easy to walk around unmolested - it is not like being a politician when everyone hates you" Cook and writer Nigella Lawson "I have seen less petulant dummythrowing at a kindergarten Easter egg hunt" Piers Morgan recalls Sir Elton John and David Furnish's "dismissive antics" at last year's GQ awards "Now at Starbucks where I am the oldest person in the room.
This lovely ancient river has survived unmolested for over a millennium and should be left alone by 'here today, gone tomorrow' developers.
House Grantham has added a full-blooded Jew to its roster (Cora, remember, is only half, and her quarter-Jewish daughters are probably rich and influential enough for the Nazis to give them only some cursory restrictions and otherwise leave them unmolested, which we all know is the test of whether someone is really Jewish or not: How the Nazis would have treated her.
After telling him to keep his head low, they passed on and left him unmolested.
Or did you soar upwards, triumphant, released at last from the bondage of prayers, to live again, unmolested, among the clouds and the stars of your own heavens?