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characterized by lack of variation in pitch, tone, or volume


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Two such antennas are required in the RSU, since during uplink it needs to transmit the unmodulated carrier while simultaneously receiving the reflected modulated signal.
This feedback effect is absent in the conditioned medium, which contains factors secreted by unmodulated Ad-MSC.
These patients are also impaired in voice identity recognition (39), and perform worse than non-hallucinators and controls for pitch discrimination of unmodulated tones and auditory streaming (40).
The patient's inability to direct a train of thoughts prevents full access to long-term memory so that early components of perception, which are designed to give early warning of stimulus, are overly influential and unmodulated by further mental processing.
(10) In unmodulated signals, ITD is processed only up to 1500 Hz, and it is known as fine-structure ITD (ITD FS).
What the viewer experiences is a tour de force of painterly disquiet, in which carefully unmodulated complementary reds and greens, ochres and blues are counterbalanced against furiously risky paint application elsewhere and the characteristic tight, controlled drawing that surfaces in the faces and masks.
The collected light should completely be light modulated in theory by the monitored solution without the unmodulated light, which can cause measurement error.
At the transmitter side (Tx vehicle), the HP83623A signal generator (SG) was used to transmit an unmodulated continuous wave at 5.9 GHz.
However, currently only low resolution reconstructions are possible, especially when using an unmodulated continuous wave source [5].
Egan's depression and resultant marital discord deepen when missions turn from surveillance to air-to-ground attack, directed by the villainously unmodulated telephone voice of a CIA officer known only as "Langley" (Peter Coyote).
A lifelong fan of manga, Motonaga had let a cartoonish sensibility permeate his work early on--see, for example, the unmodulated white plane of Sakuhin 66-2, 1966 (the only Gutai-era work in this show).
She then represents to Harriet his '"entire want of gentility,'" '"his awkward look and abrupt manner--and the uncouthness of a voice, which I heard to be wholly unmodulated'" (32), and implies his future development into '"loudness, or coarseness, or awkwardness'" (33).
It follows that spectral properties of the unmodulated laser signal are naturally determined by power spectral density (PSD) of phase noise [13].
"While Cassatt emulated the Japanese style--evident in the flattened forms, unmodulated planes of color, and strong decorative outlines--her technique was a highly inventive combination of printing processes that garnered critical admiration in Europe and America." (Source: www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/japonisme)