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not changed in form or character

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The new-design houses had fewer mosquitoes and were cooler than modified and unmodified traditional homes--a novel approach to malaria prevention.
determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: The contract is for the supply of asphalt emulsion cationic szybkorozpadowej unmodified C 65B3PU / RC and mixtures of mineral - asphalt cold to perform repair of roads.
To investigate the effects of surface modification on the resistance of the nanoparticles to leaching, 1 g of the modified and unmodified [Fe.
Raman spectroscopic analysis was performed using Jobin Yovon HR 800 micro-Raman on unmodified and modified MWNTs samples over a scanning range of 200-2000 [cm.
This generator was tested in both its stock, unmodified condition and modified as a low-CO emission prototype.
Layered double hydroxide (LDH) unmodified nanoparticles or LDH nanoparticles, which were modified with sodium benzoate, were incorporated into the films.
2 November 2011 - Marina Biotech Inc (NASDAQ:MRNA), a US-based company specialised in pharmaceuticals based on RNA interference, reported significant reduction of microRNA-like cytotoxic effect by incorporating a single UNA moiety in the guide strand of an siRNA when compared to an unmodified siRNA of the same sequence.
The book carefully debates the preparation of unmodified and modified nanofillers, various manufacturing techniques of rubber nanocomposites, structure, morphology and properties of nanocomposites.
A series of experiments demonstrated that these mice had lost the preference for females shown by unmodified males.
Summary: Beijing, Dhu Al-Hijjah 28, 1431, Dec 04, 2010, SPA -- A Chinese high-speed train broke a world record Friday for fastest unmodified commercial train, reaching speeds of up to 481.
However, the most recent version of Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (Standards for Testing; American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, & National Council on Measurement in Education [AERA, APA, & NCME], 1999) is less restrictive in its definition of modifications, describing them as "changes made in the content, format, and/or administration procedures of a test in order to accommodate test takers who are unable to take the unmodified test under standard test conditions" (p.
Male: mid femur with rows of unmodified anteroventral and posteroventral short setae (South Africa, Lesotho) lilaniensis Smith -- All femora entirely blackish brown.
But when both modified and unmodified tomatoes were grown in hairy vetch mulch, a buildup of amino acids, choline, and other nutrients and antioxidants was seen to occur in the fruit, and the ySAMdc-modified tomatoes contained even more nutrients--and at much higher levels--than unmodified ones.
The unmodified code 76815 represents the technical and professional components of the US procedure, so you are coding correctly by not adding a modifier.