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incapable of being modified in form or character or strength (especially by making less extreme)


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Sure, there are certain unmodifiable factors that may be at play but can the right nutrition help us sway away the problem?
The quality of or, in other words, the expansion of surgical space not only depends on unmodifiable factors, such as obesity, multiparity and previous abdominal surgery, but also on modifiable factors, for instance the technique of anesthesia used, positioning of the patient, intra-abdominal pressure, and neuromuscular blockade (4).
We classified a total of 19 potential determinants (Table 1) into the following categories and subcategories: (1) unmodifiable diabetes risk factors comprising sociodemographic factors and family history of diabetes and (2) potentially modifiable risk factors, including anthropometric markers, lifestyle factors, residential traffic intensity, mental distress, the diabetes risk score (as a summary measure of predominantly modifiable factors), and metabolic markers.
On the city level, because built environment features are relatively unmodifiable factors, they determine the basic spatial settings for human activities.
Numerous riskfactors have been identified (Table 1) [1, 3,10-12], many of which are unmodifiable. Against this complex background, prevention is highly challenging [13].
A smart contract is immutable and unmodifiable once created, since its logic is seeded into a blockchain spread across multiple points.
After the critical distinction between response chains and response strings is introduced below, we will return to the issue of stable simple spans with an analysis that allows for relatively unmodifiable spans without requirements for the classic notion of memory ("super") stores.
and therefore not an unmodifiable lump sum distribution payable in
HR in normal adults depends on the pacemaker activity of the sinoatrial node cells and constantly varies under the influence of a number on unmodifiable and modifiable factors.
We already are aware that the growing rise in the number of diabetics is due to its multifactorial etiology where hereditary represents an important unmodifiable risk factor in the occurrence of the disease with approximately 40% risk of an individual to develop the disease if one of the parents is affected and almost 70% if both the parents are affected.
Gender generally constitutes an unmodifiable risk factor for postoperative complications [48].
While individuals may naturally or intuitively use coping strategies to reduce their stress, one skill that can be helpful to individuals with tinnitus is teaching them how to distinguish between what is modifiable (e.g., enrich their sound environments in order to alter their primary focus on tinnitus) and what tinnitus-related issues are unmodifiable (e.g., the fact of having tinnitus).
They assign a risk factor weight, both "static" (e.g., unmodifiable) and "dynamic" (e.g., changeable), that correlates with repeated entry in prison (e.g., age, impulsivity, hostility, etc.).
The context of South Korea was chosen because the economic threat in South Korea has been persistent since 1997 and perceived as unmodifiable. Specifically, students who attend universities in regions outside of Seoul (the capital of South Korea) tend to have pessimistic views on their job situations after graduation (e.g., lack of chance to be involved in various outside activities) because many resources are centralized in Seoul, resulting in more determined attitudes toward and certainty about the threat (e.g., "It is very unlikely for me to get a decent job after graduating college") (Lee, 2014).