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not brought up to date


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Almost certainly not: Sotherton is a big unmodernized house in rural England, that's all.
A question sociologists might ask is: "Why don't you just say that the world is divided into modernized and unmodernized societies?
Kiernan uses the 1625 edition as the copytext for this critical, unmodernized edition, which includes a collation at the foot of the text of the extant manuscripts and thirteen editions (1597-1625) published during Bacon's lifetime.
By the end of his period, however, Washbrook acknowledges the evidence for the many positive results of the investments made by British financiers in railways, ports, and factories, which gave Indian products world markets, which led to long-term economic growth and some short-term economic booms in the second-half of the century, and which also augmented the resources of the unmodernized agrarian sector of the economy.
The APR-39A(V)1 protects US Army Cobra and unmodernized Apache attack helicopters, utility Black Hawks and Hueys, cargo Chinooks and Kiowa Warrior scouts.
If natives are coded in excremental terms and are taken as embodiments of the colony's unmodernized, unassimilated material, then they persist as a living threat to the hygienic symbolic order of empire.
Following an intelligent editorial decision the volume is arranged chronologically according to the dates of the classical writers, with translations by different hands grouped together and printed virtually unmodernized. This produces a series of pleasing reorientations as we move from one translator to another, writers with very different sensibilities who may be tackling the same lyric, or different passages from the same epic.
However, the distinction between b/v is retained unmodernized in the texts, whereas the note on pronunciation mentions that these were basically the same at least by 1550, so that modern spelling could have been adopted in this case.
It would be imprudent to tie the hands of a future administration that may have to conduct a test of an element of an aging, unmodernized stockpile in order to assure the reliability of the nuclear deterrent force.
192), the movement towards standard or 'present traditional' spellings--which it is my object to explain--was largely accomplished: a 'bad Spelling' was an unmodernized, non-standard spelling.
For theatergoers haft-starved for substance, there's nothing more gratifying than a full meal such as the three nourishing hours of Friedrich Schiller's "Mary Stuart." The play, now 200 years old, can still hold an audience in silent attention through two long acts, and it does so in a crisp, mercifully unmodernized new translation by Michael Feingold, abetted by Carey Perloff's straightforward staging.
Editors of texts by early modern women writers are often torn between the imperative, influentially articulated by Sara Jayne Steen, to retain original spelling and punctuation so as to preserve the voices of these long-silenced women as faithfully as possible, and a desire to modernize texts so that they can reach more readers, especially students who have difficulty with unmodernized texts.
Apart from regularization of the letter 's' the texts are unmodernized and uncorrected.
Its "Note on the Text" reveals, however, that it is based on a text "newly prepared by Pamela Woof." Thus the Clarendon text would appear to be an unmodernized, complete Albion text, with erasures and alterations indicated in the notes.
The habit is repeated again when Anne moves from the Musgroves' 'substantial and unmodernized' house to Mary and Charles's cottage 'with its viranda, French windows, and other prettiness, [...] quite as likely to catch the traveller's eye' (p.