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Synonyms for unmitigated

Synonyms for unmitigated

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not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity


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The myth also holds that, as something artificial and secondary to human nature, society exerts an unmitigatedly destructive pressure on individuality.
Unlike Wobeser's Elisa, another novel which documents the trials of a long-suffering wife, Huber's text does not underline the virtue or the usefulness of such 'feminine' self-sacrifice, as critics such as Sharpe and Blackwell have pointed out; rather, it paints an unmitigatedly bleak picture of the effects on women of their inferior status in society, and of the lack of education and economic, legal, and emotional autonomy which are symptoms of it.
From Lowry's perspective, by contrast, national particularism can never be an unmitigatedly constructive force.
It's clearly for me the worst thing I've ever gone through, absolutely awful, unmitigatedly painful ...
What Young reminds us, above all, is that what Fish does best is "to make an absolute out of the relative." The "critic as sophist," we are starkly reminded, is the antipodes to "the critic as conservator." Nominalism, in short and in effect, is his bible in a profane age in which what has historical meaning, time-less, time-tested, time-honored, is unmitigatedly effaced; and in which transcendental "visions of order" are trapped by what Fish terms "the authority of interpretive communities" as an "enigma of change."
Before the curtain rises on any Babes in the Wood, for example, I have absolutely no doubt whatever that if Robin Hood and his Merry Men are required to do a bit of spirited carolling, they will do so in tones that are unmitigatedly transatlantic.
This slippery slope argument assumes both that future genetic alteration and manipulation will be unmitigatedly horrible, and that accepting the procedure now in question--HLA typing of embryos prior to transfer--will lead inexorably to abusive and uncontrollable genetic engineering of humans, if only by changing attitudes that would make the next step toward genetic engineering easier to take.
John Brickell, a naturalist writing from the New World in 1737, returns unmitigatedly to the utopian view of the insect colonies when he observes: "The Bees are in great Plenty, not only in Hives, in the Planter's Gardens, but are likewise to be met with in several parts of the Woods in hollow Trees, wherein are frequently found vast quantities of Honey....
Seeking to revise New Historicism's assumption that queenly dominion over patriarchal society necessarily produces a type of cultural anxiety that becomes manifest in literary representation, Eggert argues that feminine authority, particularly the power of queen over (male) subject, offers Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton the opportunity to indulge "in fantasies of an unmitigatedly feminized literary form" (11).
In times of crisis, tragedy, or war, human beings tend to view things in Manichean terms--as a struggle between the good and the bad, viewed as equally powerful--and to portray an antagonist as unmitigatedly evil.
Their unmitigatedly synthetic, hyper-posthuman look laminates gradations of meaning into coolly homogeneous surfaces, so that the title "Mushroom" suggests everything from "strange delicacy" to "that which augments like a fungus" to "psychedelic drug" to "nuclear blast" but at the same time means nothing at all.
Fremont "calm, sunny and benevolent." But, in the face of the facts, Royce told Oak, Fremont "lied, lied unmistakably, unmitigatedly, hopelessly.