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FOR his third show at the awardwinning Ffin y Parc Gallery, highly regarded painter Wynne Jenkins has produced a collection of unmistakably Welsh landscapes.
This is an unmistakably Conservative chaos because it started with David Cameron calling, then losing, a purely tactical referendum.
(PSDFI), a nongovernment organization (NGO), despite the terms being 'unmistakably inimical' to the government.
Isn't it a fact that all along, while we were an American ally, our democratic credentials were weak, and now when these have become strong and are poised to become stronger as time passes, we have become a steadfast Chinese ally unmistakably? Let's keep our fingers crossed for the future,
The multi-year agreement will offer Pizza Hut a vast array of exclusive marketing rights, benefits and designations that will unmistakably connect the brand with the NFL and its teams, players, events, partners, properties and the many NFL experiences that capture the passion of consumers and football fans from all over the world.
Mark Ronson has produced the Queens' new album, Villains, which is out on August 25, and the band promise a "dark, heavy wonderful dream" that's "unmistakably Queens".
Capped with rosy pink, mirrored silver, and yellow-tinted lenses in oversize frames, the monochromatic specs channel a retro-futuristic aesthetic that is unmistakably Swinton.
Hallmarked 'Liberty & Co Ltd, Birmingham 1902', the front of the piece was embossed with a foliate motif and coupled with stylised numerals on the clock face, its appearance makes it an unmistakably fashionable 'Liberty' piece.
While the band is unmistakably American, the material is universal and timeless; a fact evident by an audience of fans whose ages ranged from early twenties to well past retirement.
It goes to radio tomorrow but fans needn't worry that the foursome have gone electro or too modern - it's unmistakably No Doubt.
With a green handle and long red blade decorated with a seed cutout design the kitchen tool is unmistakably designed for use with melons.
And here, as luck would have it, was a Jewish victim of a conspiracy--as unmistakably Jewish as the soi-disant Russian oligarchs, as unmistakably a victim as the sweet Lady Di, and as unmistakably a conspiracy as the one that had claimed JFK.
The exterior styling cues are unmistakably Dodge, with proportions that evoke a bold, instantly recognisable vehicle that has a wide, stable stance on the road.
A remarkable first-class collection of handbags and accessories of the finest nappa leather, whose lavishly worked seams trace unmistakably the shape of Montblanc's famous trademark: the star logo with six softly flowing tips.