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Synonyms for unmindful

Synonyms for unmindful

not mindful or attentive

(followed by 'to' or 'of') lacking conscious awareness of


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Every word that was spoken by anybody, everything that was done or was not done everywhere, was only a new proof that she was surrounded by hard-hearted, insensible beings, who were unmindful of her peculiar sorrows.
In the front rooms of dwellings girls and women were cooking or spinning, and ducks and chickens were waddling in and out, over the threshold, picking up chance crumbs and holding pleasant converse; a very old and wrinkled man sat asleep before his door, with his chin upon his breast and his extinguished pipe in his lap; soiled children were playing in the dirt everywhere along the lane, unmindful of the sun.
But, my dear Sir, though estranged (by the force of circumstances over which I have had no control) from the personal society of the friend and companion of my youth, I have not been unmindful of his soaring flight.
But he seemed unmindful of the near presence of the great cat.
A few there were, who seemed unmindful of him, and looked only to the jury, in impatient wonder how they could delay.
But is not my husband saying in effect,' asked Mrs Lammie, therefore, with an innocent air, of Mr and Mrs Boffin, 'that he becomes unmindful of his own temporary misfortunes in his admiration of another whom he is burning to serve?
Verdicts are ridiculed but the courts are unmindful.
Birds flock to the seeds spread out for them in places like footpaths and get killed under the wheels of cars driving past during frenzied feeding when the birds are unmindful of their surroundings.
We are not unmindful of the fact that electricity is the most important commodity for national development.
The Indian army chief is deluded into equating India's potency with the nuclear power, unmindful that the country he is threatening is capable of giving his country befitting destruction.
returning to the ashes of a war-ravage country unmindful of mischievous political mindsets.
Though the petitioner seeks the delay of 1,229 days to be condoned, we cannot be unmindful of the preceding seventeen years and the time that the matter was investigated, prosecuted and kept pending by NAB.
There is neither any allegation nor any suggestions that the deceased lady was part of protesting mob but admittedly she was in her own house with her baby in the lap', the petitioner said,' suggests that the forces were indiscriminately pumping and spraying bullets unmindful of its consequences'.
If the Speaker is prepared to go public on his uncertainty as to the security of the assemblies then it is reasonable to assume that he was not talking off the top of his head, unmindful of consequences.
We are not unmindful of the fact that this complaint was initiated by the Maso, but we, the people, are no less interested in its just resolution.