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Synonyms for unmindful

Synonyms for unmindful

not mindful or attentive

(followed by 'to' or 'of') lacking conscious awareness of


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With bent head and half-slouched hat he continued to pace, unmindful of the wondering whispering among the men; till Stubb cautiously whispered to Flask, that Ahab must have summoned them there for the purpose of witnessing a pedestrian feat.
Every word that was spoken by anybody, everything that was done or was not done everywhere, was only a new proof that she was surrounded by hard-hearted, insensible beings, who were unmindful of her peculiar sorrows.
In the front rooms of dwellings girls and women were cooking or spinning, and ducks and chickens were waddling in and out, over the threshold, picking up chance crumbs and holding pleasant converse; a very old and wrinkled man sat asleep before his door, with his chin upon his breast and his extinguished pipe in his lap; soiled children were playing in the dirt everywhere along the lane, unmindful of the sun.
'But, my dear Sir, though estranged (by the force of circumstances over which I have had no control) from the personal society of the friend and companion of my youth, I have not been unmindful of his soaring flight.
But he seemed unmindful of the near presence of the great cat.
A few there were, who seemed unmindful of him, and looked only to the jury, in impatient wonder how they could delay.
'But is not my husband saying in effect,' asked Mrs Lammie, therefore, with an innocent air, of Mr and Mrs Boffin, 'that he becomes unmindful of his own temporary misfortunes in his admiration of another whom he is burning to serve?
He said that the federal government is not unmindful of the fact that some soldiers have paid the supreme price and was doing all they can to alleviate the suffering of their families.
Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen, has explained that President Muhammadu Buhari deployed her to the ministry because he was not unmindful of the role women have played in his political career.
But while all DILG employees 'will be held criminally and administratively liable if they receive or solicit gifts of monetary value from people they serve or transact with in relation to their official functions,' Ano said Philippine laws 'are not unmindful of the Filipino culture of showing appreciation toward those who help us, including public servants.'
Each year, more people get injured because of texting, talking or listening to music while on their cellphones, unmindful of their surroundings.
Their fixed tenure gave them a hassle-free mind to take decisions unmindful of government's axe falling on them.
Supporters of Matiang'i are dishonest and politically insensitive to the issues bedevilling the country when they propose him as their best bet for the presidency; the man under whose watch the police brutalised opposition demonstrators in the last election, unmindful of the public outcry.
The drivers have the wherewithal to do this as they think no one is watching, 'walay dakop,' anyway, so they go their merry way, unmindful of the safety of their passengers and the rest of the public.
Lightly, side-stepping the usual pitfalls of everyday life, unmindful of his own peripatetic passage, from irony, to pathos, to temptation, he perseveres through his journey to a climactic end, rather like an earnest pilgrim en route to salvation.