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not associated with soldiers or the military



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I suffered once what you are going through, if rather differently: because I was very inefficient and unmilitary (and we are alike only in sharing a deep sympathy and feeling for the 'tommy', especially the plain soldier from the agricultural counties).
And if that is not grand enough, it is reported that peace broke out in a similarly unorchestrated and very unmilitary way during Christmas of 1915.
Europeans' support of an unmilitary and firm response in Syria, while Obama
how unmilitary! and how subversive of all order and discipline, let the good sense of the Army decide....
at 287 ("There is something seducing to unmilitary or inexperienced minds in an encampment.
There is nothing so unlikely as the adoption by the world's best military forces of a doctrine, counterinsurgency, based on a quintessentially unmilitary principle: that each man must judge reality for himself.
Stacey once said of Canadians generally, "an unmilitary community." (4) While more than 100,000 Canadians were killed in the World Wars--a calamitous total for a nation whose population was less than one-tenth that of the United States fewer than 700 have lost their lives in military deployments since 1945 and fewer than 200 since the end of the Korean War.
Slayton says Tunner's approach was unmilitary; but his management innovations, while perhaps viewed as extreme at the time by many, do not seem out of line.
"With a kindly, pockmarked face, broad, open smile and rather dishevelled, unmilitary appearance, Thorneloe was far from the stereotypical aloof Guards officer," he wrote.
In 1916, one senior officer accounted: I had assumed [Lawrence] was one of the military officers sent over and was a little astonished when a small, untidily dressed and most unmilitary figure strolled up to me ...
This objection to 'foreign, effeminate and superfluous commodities' was not just a classical theme: it reflected the central role of women in the purchase of objects for domestic consumption and the association of the new goods with domesticity and an unmilitary style of life.
But when Cato went to Cyprus he took Canidius instead of Munatius to help him because of his (unmilitary!) skill in keeping accurate accounts of military spoils.
MG Cushman stated that "an effective commander might not possess the qualities to be an effective advisor and vice versa." He further noted that "a marked empathy with others, an ability to accommodate, a certain unmilitary philosophical or reflective bent, a kind of waywardness or independence, and the like--these are often found in outstanding advisors, but may be frowned on in a troop chain of command situation.
If we are to craft sound counterinsurgency strategies, we need to get away from the Service advocacy culture and be ready to take a broad, even unmilitary, view of things.