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not efficient or methodical

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but a kind of intuitive, unmethodical, prediscursive oracle--the
Yet by putting forward such an unmethodical and hasty proposal, he seemed to be deluding himself about a role for Egypt which it does not have the ability to play at this juncture.
The commitments plenary' turned into a sort of hotchpotch session that tended to confirm the views of the most sceptical and gave an impression of being unmethodical, ranging from French secondary school pupils making the commitment "not to waste water" to Maria Mutagamba, Uganda's minister for the environment and water, who committed to "recognise that everyone needs water, and now".
The list of significant variables illustrates that such women are less active and slower (facet E4 'Activity') unable to get organized and unmethodical (facet C2, 'Order'), less compassionate and more thrifty in relations with other people, possibly less empathetic (facet A6, 'Tender-Mindedness'), do not seek new experiences (facet E5, 'Excitement-Seeking'), rarely experience positive emotions (facet E6, 'Positive Emotions'), and are characterized by insincerity with a tendency to manipulate others (facet A2, 'Straightforwardness'), low warmth and cordiality in relationships, with a formality and aloofness (facet E1, 'Warmth').
(13) See SCR 90: "He does not contend against religion, but against unmethodical seeking after causes.
The concept of privacy as it has been developed in established statutes, policies, and legal decisions is unmethodical to say the least.
This remarkable innovation also provides a useful guide in the choice of an appropriate therapeutic option in the bleeding patient, thereby reducing costs by avoiding the unmethodical administration of costly component therapy such as fresh-frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, platelet concentrates or antifibrinolytic agents.
And the immediate impression left was that marginalia, 'though sometimes sustained enough to be considered as a running commentary on the books they were written in, were important primarily as extensions of his published work and as an unmethodical component in the fragmentary record of his work-in-progress'.
I will readily concede that it is very easy to lose by laying on the exchanges in a haphazard or unmethodical manner, but, in the long term and with a reasoned and logical approach, a layer can profit from the unpredictability of horseracing in a similar way to a bookmaker.
Edelman says that this movement did not choose a consistent form of politics, rather, "its vigorous and unmethodical dislocations of 'identity' create ...
She then alludes to her irregular education, recalling Mary Wollstonecraft's chief complaint about the deficits of female learning: "my reading through the whole of my life," Baillie admits, "has been of a loose, scattered, unmethodical kind, with no determined direction, and I have not been blessed by nature with the advantages of a retentive or accurate memory," and she concludes the paragraph with a promise to make amends for any omissions in a second edition, if such an edition occurs (112).
In the dedicatory epistle to Miscellania or a Treatise Contayning Two Hundred Controuersiall Animaduersions (1640; STC 576) he emphasizes the unmethodical approach of the miscellany:
Chapter Seven analyzes Burckhardt's method--for method there is, in spite of his claims to being "unmethodical"--of writing history.