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A crash, a shout, a laugh, and out came the savages, brandishing knives and forks, chicken bones, and tin mugs, and all fell upon the intruder, pommelling him unmercifully as they cried
Laurie knew this pillow well, and had cause to regard it with deep aversion, having been unmercifully pummeled with it in former days when romping was allowed, and now frequently debarred by it from the seat he most coveted next ot Jo in the sofa corner.
He lashed the horses unmercifully with his long whip, and with wild cries of encouragement urged them on to further exertions.
I remember how unmercifully I laughed at what I considered your eulogistic and exaggerated praises of him; but I have now ample cause to admit that your enthusiastic description of this wonderful man fell far short of his merits.
Numa attempted to follow them; Tarzan held him in leash and when he turned upon him in rage, beat him unmercifully across the head with his spear.
The other children teased her unmercifully for being 'ugly'.
But when you're looking to brand people evil, isn't Graham Sate, who, thanks to yet another episode of Social Services' feeble complacency, was able to beat his lover's five-year-old daughter Lauren Creed unmercifully, finally killing her by throwing her downstairs and jumping on her little body, splitting her liver, more deserving of that title?
He added that the supermarket manager had been "repeatedly and unmercifully beaten about the head and was so covered in blood, injured and badly beaten that the paramedics checked in case he had been shot in the head".
But the door was forced open and he was attacked unmercifully while he was curled up in a ball on the floor."
Ian Whyte was unmercifully bullied at school ( a nightmare memory that hasn't left him with the passing of time.
And Schmeichel, booed unmercifully by the Kop because of his Manchester United connection, was bothered only by McAllister's chipped free kick and Hyypia's near miss before Vassell wrapped it up.
Teenaged Rene, who suffered from curvature of the spine and had to wear a cast, was taunted unmercifully by her schoolmates - cruelty which prompted her to drop out of school when she was 15.
She's been left free to bully your sister unmercifully but it's not too late to come to your sister's aid and intervene.
The Dorset women were quick to embrace them while local businessmen unmercifully fleeced them.
Never has a team been so unmercifully battered yet somehow emerged triumphant into the semi-finals of the Cup.