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not worth remembering

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Teebo, aka Anon, capitalizes on being unmemorable. Crash has an inhuman connection over electronic networks, and Nate, a born leader, leverages his ability to see everyone's true nature.
and in misremembering our unmemorable stories, we will fall in love all
But the one that fizzled out amid widespread apathy on Friday was particularly unmemorable.
The unmemorable Millennials are kidnapped almost as quickly as they're introduced.
Those meals were as unmemorable as they were tedious.
This 'sensory deprivation' can make for an unmemorable or easily forgotten experience, lacking the enjoyable nature that many people associate with meals and other food occasions."
Sheahan said the scheduling seems to be dictated by the Indian Premier League, a forgettable form of the game if there is one, the equally unmemorable T20 Big Bash League and the desires of the television broadcasters to fit in with their global programming.
The little squirrel has become the face behind the franchise but I just hope he catches his elusive acorn soon; otherwise I may have to sit through another unmemorable Ice Age 5.
The commercial fails to set the biscuit apart from its competitors and nor does it feature a very prominent celebrity, thus making it unmemorable. Previously feataured popular taglines are replaced with bad choreography and an irritating jingle.
Johnathan says: "Stirchley Micro Park has turned what was a nondescript, unloved, unmemorable grass verge into a place to stop and sit for people using the shops or en route to and from the Co-op etc.
Without Larry, the Hall of Fame would remain an impossible and unmemorable endeavor.
Most days, we'd leave campus, ride around for a while and end up at somebody's parentless house, planning that night's activities and trading unmemorable salvos, one more nonsensical than the next.
And, after 50 minutes or so of unmemorable sleuthing, each episode would usually end with the clumsy automaton knocking over a tray of wine glasses or accidentally setting fire to the boat while everyone went, "Oh, Roboz!" and stood round laughing like drains.
The mind becomes dimmed by exposure to unmemorable lobbies, passages or subways, surviving in a world of standing inline, or at best scanning a blandly lit supermarket shelf in search of cheap optical fun.
I HAVE not been to a Daryaganj restaurant after a particularly unmemorable experience a couple of years back at the original Moti Mahal, where the food was so commonplace that I felt sorry for the unsuspecting tourists who had been brought to the restaurant for lunch.