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not melted

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Simple observations of the GFPP through the window cannot clarify the melted and unmelted parts.
In this study, there are many defects inside the sprayed coating, such as unmelted particles, voids, inclusions, and so on, which can increase the coating surface roughness.
The data these devices collect should help us work out if Psyche is the frozen core of a former planet or simply a lump of unmelted metal.
The cheese was also a little too sparing and, where it was found, was unmelted. The chillies and coriander added a fresh touch and flavour to the dish which, on the whole was average - but lifted by the salsa.
Several feet of unmelted snow on the ground made further testing for trunk and phloem damage impossible.
Add large chocolate pieces and stir constantly until chocolate cools to 88[degrees] to 90[degrees], 2 to 3 minutes>> Spoon out unmelted chocolate and save for other uses.
However, larger shot volumes can result in the effective screw length being shortened, potentially resulting in unmelted material and inhomogeneous temperatures, so the benefit can impact quality.
The carbon equivalent, carbon or both are decreasing, the chill tests are trending up, spout temperatures are trending down, and in severe conditions unmelted metallics are seen through the tuyere.
They are formed from layers of lava flow, ash and blocks of unmelted stone.
This is mainly connected with internal defects, which could be more or less similar as casting or welding defects--porosity, lack of material, but we can also see typical SLM defects for example unmelted powder in cavities [2, 4].
If there are any pieces of unmelted chocolate, microwave for 5 seconds, and stir again.
Stranded travelers should avoid eating unmelted snow because it lowers body temperature (4).
It could, in fact, be a green and pleasant world, with vast forests unfelled, permafrost unmelted, coastal waters clean and clear and not a Styrofoam container in sight.
Pin-holing can be seen in the glaze surface and unmelted silica (darker spots) in the body and glaze.