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Synonyms for unmelodious

not having a musical sound or pleasing tune

lacking melody

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When Donatello grasps a tambourine, Hawthorne calls the instrument an "unmelodious contrivance," even as Donatello's use of the instrument "produced music of indescribable potency." Thus an instrument without the capacity for beautiful melody nonetheless makes powerful music.
Into it Janacek wrote many notes that are explicitly ugly, unmelodious, cruel, and beside them little motifs that are tender, loving, coquettish.
Returning again to sea shanties, on the very first page of his compendious book on the subject, Hugill wrote: 'In the Trades or off the pitch o' the Horn, in hail and snow, in doldrum and calm, the not unmelodious voices ...
Louis points out, although Apollo is the god of music and light, neither of these has any effect on "the unmelodious mouth and sunless eyes" (l.
In addition, there is an aural category, all of which refer to low-frequency unmelodious noises produced by large objects in collision; two of these are pejorative, as well, which is equally expectable.
It orders us to pronounce that little and unmelodious word--a hissing word in fact, but one free of hatred: "enough." In that connection, St.
Her experience of music encompasses the natural world, the diverse utterances of animals and farm noises: "Sleep I sing--I, who am unmelodious and hear no music save rustic music when a dog barks, a bell tinkles, or wheels crunch upon the gravel.
The only actors with real power are the companies that build the slaughterhouses: Tyson (known universally by its former name, IBP, for "Iowa Beef Packers"), the unmelodious ConAgra (known universally by its former name, Monfort), and the even less melodious Cargill Meat Solutions (known universally by its former name, Excel).
First of all, one had to walk on the glass, breaking it and thereby creating with one's footsteps insidious, penetrating, and unmelodious sound fragments.
In Italian, cane is used in a number of derogatory senses, such as 'brute', but also 'ham actor' and 'unmelodious singer', and has combinations like figlio d'un cane, and, as I have already noted, the derivative canaglia, meaning either 'riff-raff' or 'scoundrel', as well as canagliata, 'dirty trick'.
song--soft, stirring melody in an ill-harmonized and unmelodious land."
"People" is unmelodious; "humankind" is overly earnest; "folks" is unsuitable for situations that don't include a hayride.
One's scepticism is increased by a look at the score, where bare-fifth chords cry out for the missing third and long, unmelodious continuo ritornellos sigh for violins and violas.
He served the Mass that night and cried with everyone else when they sang the "Our Father." It was an unmelodious rendering accompanied on the organ by the principal-sister who that night counted among her transgressions her lack of charity in criticizing the Mass-goers for their inability to stay in tune with the organ.
in an ill-harmonized and unmelodious land; the gift of sweat and brawn to beat back the wilderness ...