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lacking melody

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What isn't said is that, lyrics aside, "Strange Fruit" is a mediocre song: plodding, insipid, unmelodic. But then, liberals have always loved Billie Holiday not as a jazz talent but as a junkie-martyr to white supremacy.
The score, with its occasional waltz and tango rhythms, is not unmelodic, but it also never impresses itself strongly on the memory, except when it's evoking other scores by composers such as Cole Porter and Kurt Weill.
Then there's that cacophonous "cawing," dismally unmelodic and downright irritating.
That this is deliberately related to the argument is made explicit later, at the end of the speech, where the speaker regrets that his rude, unmelodic style may have violated the very harmony which he has defended.
137-60), a major contribution, the chief aim of which is to show how Plato and then Aristoxenus answered the question: What is melodic, what, unmelodic? According to the author, the concern of Plato and "the bulk" of the later Platonist and Pythagorean tradition was "with the structure of sets of events that impress themselves on the listener's soul and mould it in accordance with their form, not with the aesthetic qualities of the contents of his experience during the time in which this process of psychic moulding is in train," whereas Aristoxenus alone proposed an independent alternative, since his concern was with the nature and structure of what is heard as melody "simply as such" (p.
Sadly, there's little here that offers anything other than cliched unmelodic bombastic pop-punk that we've heard a million times before.
Mulligan never played an unmelodic line in his life, and the sweetness of his tone, the dryness of his musical wit and the generosity of his spirit are fully in evidence on this set of elegant own compositions.
The leader himself is equally adept on acoustic and electric basses, and has never been known to play an unmelodic line.
After years of having to put up with fuzzy, unmelodic music pouring out of your computer, broadband introduces you to a completely different quality of sound.
Baker was incapable of playing an unmelodic line which no doubt explains his popularity, and the style of the music is as eternally hip as a Porsche Speedster or a pair of Levi's from the same period.