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having no intervening persons, agents, conditions


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While all ILCSO members have the option of letting their patrons use Illinet Online as a source of unmediated borrowing, only five libraries have elected to invoke this option.
The second thesis is that morality attaches unmediated significance not only to impartial considerations but also to agents' special concern for their own major activities, projects, and commitments (p.
Presented in actual date order, the result is a vivid, unmediated sense of history, with international and national events of all kinds juxtaposed as they would be in a daily paper.
In contrast to her other writings, she speaks here in what passes for her "real" voice, one unmediated by that of a fictional narrator.
The statement articulates the strategies the Library will pursue over the next three years to achieve its goal of improving public access to information through the provision of easy-to-use, unmediated online services.
In the broadest terms, as I watched Biography's old documentary footage of Abramovic and her former partner Ulay screaming at each other until they were hoarse and crying, or the artist exposing her bare belly to an audience as she cut it with a razor blade, or her live performers hitting one another with real, unmediated force, I thought that, despite our daily ingestion of movie and TV special effects in a postliterary, visual world, it isn't the seduction of the unreal, of Hollywood's torrent of phantasms, that has changed us, but journalism's documentary flood of reality.
He also slights a form of "naive realism" that envisions oral interviews as a source of unmediated historical facts about the otherwise voiceless majority.
And finally, there are the two worlds that my spiritual director refers to as "the mystic and the mainstream" -- that is, the world of solitary, unmediated encounter with the Divine, and then the world in which one's experience of the Holy is mediated through an exoterically focused tradition, religious institution, or faith community.
The insistence of Luther and his disciples on a Scripture stripped of the burden of the Glossa Ordinaria, their distaste for all readings that departed from the literal sense, their impatience with that "fabulator Aristotle," and their conviction that the Bible was designed and able to provide unmediated moral guidance to every believer, as Harrison demonstrates, all contributed to a mentality which we would now define as scientific.
It also allows administrators to load local tide holdings and notify and/or block users from ordering those titles, provide unmediated ordering to end users, and allow different user groups to have different permission and spending levels.
A salient feature of Reed's chaotic-seeming narratology is the fact that he presents voices in an unmediated way, which forces upon the reader the task of performing an act of narratological induction, of recognizing "Who speaks?
These networks, based on common needs and specific protocols and agreements, should allow for unmediated borrowing by authorized users.
The old way of seeing, we finally understand, is a 'right side' experience, a function of shape and shadow rather than calculation, the direct experience of external reality, unmediated by literature.
The mass market wine e-tailers should be commended for breaking ground for the industry, but the Internet's promise is not yet fulfilled: the unmediated connection between wine taster and winemaker.
Izimbizo are a two-way unmediated and interactive information sharing platforms, a dialogue between government and people giving credence to a participatory democracy.