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These are the provisions which are helpful to provide justice and protection against unfair and unmeant trade.
1, 9), these bodied words tell their "unmeant meanings" (1.
One could hear cursing and unmeant bitching as crews stumbled in the dark to erect cam nets and digging in for protection from an enemy attack; we cut and poked branches holding up the nets to break the vehicle outline so as not to be recognised ...
The collaborative venture of filmmaking often gives up a shared and possibly 'unmeant' meaning!
After all, Goffman's concepts of idealized performances, unmeant gestures, team collusion, and impression management all imply that historically defined (and developing) standards exist, against which "life itself is a dramatically enacted thing" (p.
(12) Alexander again quotes Samuel Taylor Coleridge who echoes a similar thought when he says that "he [Hamlet] at last must need express his love's excess with words of unmeant bitterness." (13)