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the exposure of an impostor or a fraud


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In 'Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry', Melodye Hilton thoughtfully addresses: The many faces of prejudice and bigotry; Pre-judgment and assumption as societal stumbling blocks; The dangers of gossip, rumors, and slander; The personal pain of prejudice through real-life stories; Our responsibility as humans to stop devaluation by representing a restorative influence.
But Zobrist said something else to Cuzzi, and it was very interesting, perhaps unmasking a quiet truth about the desire of some in baseball.
The man was exposed after footage emerged online purportedly unmasking his predatory behaviour and chats with children that provoked an outcry, the Saudi news portal Sabq reported.
To make this a little more concrete, here are a few insights you could potentially discover through compassionately unmasking the ways people behave in order to be liked.
'For my part, I believe that I have already done my share in unmasking at least one 'crafty spent,' who used 'snake tactics' in spreading the evil of fake news about me and other senators,' Sotto said in a statement read by Poe during the hearing.
Synopsis: An inherently fascinating, exceptionally candid, consistently compelling, thoughtful and thought-provoking memoir, "Unmasking: A Journey" is a deeply personal and ultimately inspiring account that is thoroughly 'reader friendly' in organization and presentation.
Unmasking the "real" Nakamoto could be the key in the future development of the crypto-currency, say experts, because its complex algorithms are known by only a handful of market players
In this context, there is significance to be found in unmasking the utilitarianism of treating a living creature as a tool of war.
TelTech Systems said its TrapCall flagship caller ID unmasking solution offers powerful protection from an IRS phone scam, a prolific fraud and identity theft scheme.
Their topics are the interrelated hierarchy of power; a overview of historical, economic, political, and educational hegemonic narratives; mechanisms of power that mask hegemony and construct identities; narratives from research that unveil hegemony; raging against hegemony: invited narratives that unmask hegemony; dispelling the voices of the powerful that inhabit us; unmasking homophobia, colonialism, and racism; and alternative, critical multicultural, abolitionist pedagogies that facilitate critical literacies.
PESHAWAR -- Former Secretary Industries Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Mohammad Ali Shahzada has strongly contradicted a news item appeared in a section of press wherein it was stated that he was removed from the post and was made OSD as a "punishment" for unmasking corruption of some Rs.2 billion.
TWO British jihadis could hold the key to unmasking executioner John.
Those familiar with this topic likely are aware of most--if not all--of the matters discussed and therefore might ask what the movie purports to be unmasking. In addition, the film employs a "talking heads" format (numerous leading authorities, among them Alan Dershowitz, Caroline Glick, and Emanuele Ottolenghi, are included in the mix).