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(of unknown regions) not yet surveyed or investigated

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Nonetheless, the current testing setup will have to do for now since the hadal zone still has unmapped areas.
Despite this, many bacteria remain "unmapped" by scientists.
Besides, funds amounting to Rs 10 million have been allocated for geological mapping of 50 Toposheets, out of 354 Unmapped Toposheets of Outcrop areas of Balochistan province, the sources added.
Sources said that corporation officials have hidden the records of more than three thousand unmapped structure and the constructions in violation of master plan.
A research expedition by the Marine Institute uncovered the rare growth in previously unmapped Irish waters around 300 miles off the west coast.
The project had originally been scheduled to finish in March this year, but it was delayed when workers discovered unmapped utility lines running through the site.
She leaves her simple village life behind and is thrust blindly into distant regions of the unmapped, uncharted world.
Developed under Office of Naval Research's (ONR) Innovative Naval Prototype program, the AACUS enabled UH-1 helicopter is capable of flying completely autonomously, using only its onboard sensors, advanced computers and intelligent algorithms to plan its trajectory and to select its own landing sites in unmapped and hazardous environments.
Threading north from the Great Slave Lake to the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean, it traverses "one of the last places on earth unmapped by Google Street View."
Network Rail has blamed poor ground conditions caused by old unmapped mines for the delayed completion of the route upgrade, which runs via Bolton.
The evening-length work asked patrons to "follow a dancer" on unmapped tours through the Harris' lesser-known spaces, like the loading dock and dressing rooms.
Somewhere between Pantagruei, Candide, and the unmapped future of brain-bending satire is the self-referential verse of Iranian American poet Roger Sedarat in Haji as Puppet.
Bonnett's previous book, Off the Map, was a thoroughly readable study of unmapped areas: uninhabited cities, liminal spaces.
Yet while scanning north to south, east to west, burning up the allotted minutes, it came to me suddenly in a flare of cosmic rays, a shower of galactic dust, that apprehension of space is an unmapped providence.