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difficult or impossible to shape or work

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Unlike the novel that cultural nationalists and SADE writers so highly regarded, which upon being published served as a museum of sorts where its word became bounded, unmalleable, and generally stored on a shelf for posterity, Arlt's aguafuertes exemplify the opposite.
Emma repeatedly attempts to impose her ideas on the surprisingly unmalleable world, but her thoughts frequently reveal that she has to argue with herself inwardly.
Her "stiff and unmalleable" body moves not with feminine grace but "with nervous and irregular jerks" (3:76, 58).
You're trying to shape something very big and unmalleable into a single visual arc."
Log on to www.liverpoolecho.co.uk for the latest news, sport and more " However, a council official involved with the scheme told the ECHO that Langtree Group's attitude was "unmalleable" in recognising the buildings' World Heritage Site importance.The Duke Street terrace, believed to have been visited by King Edward VII when it was the Yacht Club, will be flattened for a new office block to house Atlantic Container Line.
(Palmer and Clark 2005: 9) In their eagerness to provide context, historians have sometimes ignored the complex and unmalleable testimony of artifacts themselves (see Palmer 1997, Styles 1998).
Innate does not mean "hard-wired" or unmalleable. To say that a trait or ability is innate just means it was "organized in advance of experience" The genes guide the construction of the brain in the uterus, but that's only the first draft, so to speak.
Thus, women disappear in the midst of their journey towards corporate leadership, hitting against an unmalleable transparent barrier.
A further gust took me into the main building of Olympia where, ambling around Bett, I wondered whether a better, more symbolically useful display would be to situate a glass case in the middle of the cavernous Grand Hall, in which is displayed a single 2H pencil.Most of the wares for sale at Bett are of spurious educational benefit, and I wonder why there aren't more teachers prepared to take a stand here against the pernicious, creeping rise of these dumb tools and their bovine, unmalleable functionality.