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Synonyms for unlucky

Synonyms for unlucky

involving or undergoing chance misfortune

disturbing because of failure to measure up to a standard or produce the desired results

Synonyms for unlucky

having or bringing misfortune


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marked by or promising bad fortune

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The number 13 has an unlucky association even today becuase of which many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue, many high-rise buildings avoid having a 13th floor, some hospitals avoid labeling rooms with the number 13 and many airports skip gate 13.
Unlucky Plaza will be screened for a week at Cinema 76 in San Juan starting May 13 and at Pineapple Lab in Makati beginning May 15.
I thought we did, we were unlucky, we were a bit gutted because we wanted to get the win to go to fifth.
In the early 1990s, a team of medical researchers at the Mid Downs Health Authority, West Sussex, set out to prove whether people really believe that Friday 13th is unlucky - and whether they are more prone to misfortune on that day, the Telegraph reported.
The home side were unlucky early on when Danny Wring struck the underside bar on nine minutes but it was Merthyr who finished the half stronger, and, on the stroke of half-time, the visitors went ahead as Scott Armitage's cross was side-footed home by Steve Williams.
The stories of Unlucky Lucky Days are the kind grown-up readers have probably forgotten how to enjoy.
Blues gaffer Keith Knox said: "We were unlucky not to get a draw.
Chris was probably a bit unlucky to miss out last week," said Wolves coach Tony Smith.
2 : marked by bad luck or failure <an unlucky day>
We were desperately unlucky today and sometimes you don't always get what you deserve," he said.
This is what made people like Rajan come to the conclusion that this number is unlucky.
Unlucky means not being able to afford a horse - Zara has several.
In the second half I thought we were very unlucky and deserved the three points from that performance, although maybe after the first half a draw was fair.
In it, Prof Wiseman explores the minds of lucky and unlucky people and concludes that there are several principles involved with turning bad luck into good, a topic close to the hearts of any poker player who has ever experienced a bad beat.
FRIDAY the 13th appears not to be as unlucky as people may believe, with accidents in the home actually decreasing on that day.