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Synonyms for unlucky

Synonyms for unlucky

involving or undergoing chance misfortune

disturbing because of failure to measure up to a standard or produce the desired results

Synonyms for unlucky

having or bringing misfortune


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marked by or promising bad fortune

References in classic literature ?
Well," remarked the woman, as she bustled around the room and set the table and brought food from the cupboard, "you were unlucky to live all alone in that dismal forest, which is much worse than the forest around here; but perhaps your luck will change, now you are away from it.
That is one reason you are Ojo the Unlucky," said the woman, in a sympathetic tone.
Cecilia made another unlucky attempt at judicious interference.
A foolish wrangle followed; and Herncastle's unlucky temper got the better of him.
Another game, with a similar result, was followed by a revoke from the unlucky Miller; on which the fat gentleman burst into a state of high personal excitement which lasted until the conclusion of the game, when he retired into a corner, and remained perfectly mute for one hour and twenty-seven minutes; at the end of which time he emerged from his retirement, and offered Mr.
The player has come down low, he's gone to hit him quite high, I think both arms went as well, so I thought it was unlucky.
Unlucky that he just happens to own a pair of Caterpillar boots, which match the prints found at the scene and unlucky that he was wearing a black velvet jacket on the night and extremely unlucky that the DNA DN of a of both victims were found on the jacket" added the prosecuting counsel.
We work very hard at training and create the exercises for him to improve his finishing in front of goal, but he created many chances and was unlucky not to score (against Partizan).
City have won just one of their last six, but Pellegrini said: "We are continuing to be unlucky.
The unlucky award is a PS5 correct score or scorecast and he's on Billy McKay and Dundee Utd 1, ICT 2 (110-1).
Finishing strongly once a gap finally appeared, AL MUHEER was the unlucky horse when finishing third to Redvers at Haydock.
It may have been unlucky for Donegal Celtic but with only two other games surviving the rain those teams who again missed out because of the weather will count themselves even more unlucky.
We were unlucky in the end and we had enough chances," former Newcastle skipper Nolan said.
Medical researchers have also concluded that the day is indeed unlucky, after they noticed a dramatic spike in accidents on Friday 13th in a little-known study.
The home side were unlucky early on when Danny Wring struck the underside bar on nine minutes but it was Merthyr who finished the half stronger, and, on the stroke of half-time, the visitors went ahead as Scott Armitage's cross was side-footed home by Steve Williams.