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"We were right in the game but with such a low score on the board it just takes a little bit of unluckiness or a few insideedges or nicks to third man to take them close to the target.
Therefore, no Muslim should ever hesitate in holding marriages or other ceremonies in this month on such a false assumption of unluckiness."
In the second case, the fact that the unluckiness of the numbers ending in "13" did not get any traction in Chinese neighborhoods is consistent with the view that this number is not considered unlucky in the Chinese tradition.
individuals also viewed themselves as having lives of unluckiness. (61)
Edinburgh weddings expert Tom Goodfellow said fewer couples were prepared to take the plunge last year, with the perceived unluckiness of the date a major factor.
In recent times, the truth about 13's supposed unluckiness was discovered.
Lori fumed: "Whatever happens with the court case, that's their unluckiness. Liam has hurt us all and neither can justify themselves.
The unluckiness lasts all week and there is nothing you can do.