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In the second letter, penned in 1796, he wrote: "He had certainly many shining qualities, blended with foibles of various kinds, the most irreconcilable whereof were his political principles, which somehow unluckily was rooted, and proves now a drawback to the humane feelings of many, but such a Genious [sic] as he possessed behoved to have eccentricities of some kind or other.
The one at Fakenham with Robert Cooper after she had been unluckily unseated aboard Bagad Bihoue was fractionally topped by her brilliant appraisal after winning the Badger Ales Trophy at Wincanton.
JOE SAYS: Liverpool are the only reason that the bookies have not gone bust this season as they keep saving our bacon by failing to get a result - often unluckily.
Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that unluckily merit had not been adopted during the last 70 years, adding the culture of merit had been promoted during the last nine years in Punjab.
He was, rather unluckily, standing in a bus shelter when a car being shot at by a member of a drug gang careered into it.
Once known as the Invincibles, Hungary lost, unluckily, 3-2 to Germany in the 1954 World Cup final.
Officers were receiving arms at the department's room ahead of a mission, when a chief warrant officer (CWO) started examining his, but unluckily he shot himself dead by accident, the ministry added.
If the stones like KP would have been in other countries, they would certainly change the fate of those countries but unluckily no such step was taken for boosting up its business, he stated.
He formed a superb striking partnership with Drew Busby and they helped shock the likes of Manchester City on their way to the 1972 Texaco Cup Final where Airdrie unluckily lost out to Derby County.
The university bought the papers, showing drafts of the poems Unluckily for a Death and Into her Lying Down Head, at a recent auction at Sotheby's in New York.
Unluckily it's going to be a good few weeks before we're reunited and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you I've got the shakes.
Gateshead SADLY Gateshead ran out of steam Ultimately just failing to achieve their dream Mills and his players did their level best Unluckily missing out on the final quest The Heed have been awakened at long last Obscurity may now be in the past Next season the Heed could be in with a shout Providing the enthusiasm does not fritter out Tyneside want Gateshead in the league Still a huge task I do believe Having two league clubs on Tyneside Would achieve some much- needed pride Both by G McLANDERS, Byker
Taylor Swift's lucky number 13 has unluckily landed her in legal troubles, as she is being sued by Apparel Company Lucky 13 due to trademark infringement.
Phillips was only a whisker away from converting a Phil Edwards cross before Brewers midfielder Robbie Weir unluckily had a six-yard header deflected wide.
Unluckily, the ball bounced back and hit the shaft of Donaldson's club as he followed through, sending the ball back into the sand and resulting in a one-shot penalty.