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not giving or reciprocating affection

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The publication states that in his court documents, Bobby claims that the movie depicts him being physically abusive with Whitney and unloving towards his daughter, and is seeking an injunction to stop the film from airing.
He later appeared in 'Batman Returns' in 1992 as the Penguin's unloving father, and as a vampire henchman in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in 1992.
The artist-author applies what she learned to humans, "There's a quote that says, 'The kids that need the most love ask for it in the most unloving ways.
It was a vengeful and unloving attempt to diminish the memory of his father to all of us who loved and respected him.
One of eleven children, she was shuttled among unloving siblings.
They argue that some behavior that seems unloving to one person may actually be a loving act when someone else commits it.
Ashley keeps saying he is stuck in this unloving marriage with Newcastle but there is always the option of divorce.
However, I was later to learn that my father, in his own childhood, had been raised by a cold, over-strict, unloving mother.
When a philosophy tries to change people the result is to be cold, unloving and all too often brutal towards those who may not agree.
He told me his wife was cold and unloving and they hadn't had sex in over 10 years - but that she always threatened to turn his sons against him if he left.
As we listen to Gore speak of his challenging childhood -- growing up in the chill presence of an unloving mother and a philandering father -- we realize it is small wonder that the boy's attentions turned inward, constructing imaginative storylines for novels while yet a teenager.
Explaining why women go for men with hefty pockets, the duo said that choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and her offspring.
Ms Barrett said the couple, who lived in the house in Sunderland for 48 years, had a "turbulent, distant and unloving relationship".
Walt narrates an adventure involving his unloving father; a friendly, ageless shopkeeper; and a very large number of supernatural beings.
Brought up in a strict Roman Catholic household, some of the blame for Johnny's emergence may be laid at the door of the unloving seminary in Lancashire which the young Michael attended as a trainee Catholic priest when he was aged just 11.