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Synonyms for unlovely

not handsome or beautiful

Synonyms for unlovely

without beauty or charm

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She could not drive them from her sight, and they grew ever stronger, darker, and more unlovely to her eyes.
Then the low voice spoke again in Annie's sleeping ear, saying, "The dark, unlovely passions you have looked upon are in your heart; watch well while they are few and weak, lest they should darken your whole life, and shut out love and happiness for ever.
What animation, both of body and mind, she had derived from watching the advance of that season which cannot, in spite of its capriciousness, be unlovely, and seeing its increasing beauties from the earliest flowers in the warmest divisions of her aunt's garden, to the opening of leaves of her uncle's plantations, and the glory of his woods.
I could not go into ecstasies over its coarse mosaics, its unlovely Byzantine architecture, or its five hundred curious interior columns from as many distant quarries.
They were a most unlovely band and chief among them in authority and repulsiveness was the black sergeant Usanga.
Already one seemed to see the clothes and habits of civilization falling away from him, the former to be replaced by the stern, unlovely outfit of the war correspondent who plays the game.
Near him stood a harmless Mary, middle-aged, fat, squat, asymmetrical, unlovely, a sucking child of two years astride her hip and taking nourishment.
It would appear that they are a half-brute, half-human species, a race apart, wherein there is no such thing as sex; that they are hatched out by the sun like turtle eggs, or receive life in some similar and sordid fashion; and that all their days they fester in brutality and viciousness, and in the end die as unlovely as they have lived.
They acquire a look which an artist(if he have anything like the complacency of artists nowadays) would never dream of presenting to a patron as his own characteristic expression, but which, nevertheless, we at once recognize as reflecting the unlovely truth of a human soul.
His ejection from the Commons this year (allowing in the unlovely and currently suspended Jared O'Mara) was a blow for which a knighthood will be scant recompense.
THERE is, near the grey - sorry blue - carpet, another artwork which, unlike this overpriced mistake next to the Laing Art Gallery, is becoming unloved and unlovely, not because of any intrinsic fault but from wanton neglect.
WHEATSHEAF INN, MERTHYR Standing on the corner of Glebeland Street and Wheatsheaf Lane, the Wheatsheaf was knocked down in the 1970s for this unlovely office building which backs onto the bus station.
Creech, a CGI character who probably guzzled most of the movie's cash, too, is an unlovely octopus-manatee hybrid with floppy tentacles and spiny teeth, but when Tripp discovers the big fella is also a living engine, they're off to the races.
some reason they use the word to describe a person as unattractive, unlovely,
Do lovers learn from the unlovely past, or are some of them doomed to keep fumbling and bungling their life choices, thus making themselves and their willing or unwilling victims miserable?