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Synonyms for unlovely

not handsome or beautiful

Synonyms for unlovely

without beauty or charm

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But the rest of my criticism about the general unloveliness of the property on the prom still holds and, of course, the disappearance of the pier.
as a place of training for the still more straitened circumstances of the grave" (160), and at the Professor's dwelling "[t]he enormous iron padlock on the doors of the wall cupboard was the only object in the room on which the eye could rest without becoming afflicted by the miserable unloveliness of forms and the poverty of material" (302).
H]er physical unloveliness lost all its power to excite and it too became only itself: a simple unloveliness.
Businesses, despite their crassness, occasional corruption, and unloveliness, must be loved if they are to serve us better.
In my unloveliness I plunged into the lovely things which you created.
That godliness, in its ever-to-be-sought perfection, disallows crudities, unloveliness, barbarities, and cruelties in conditions of every-day life and relationship;
Swift's reputation as scatologist par excellence stems largely from a series of late poems that confront readers with the brute material unloveliness of the body, thereby undermining human pretensions and sweeping aside the abstractions of courtly love and spiritual aspiration.
It is uncertain whether younger readers will appreciate Lamont's joke that Prynne's pamphlet, The Unloveliness of Love Locks `became a diatribe against Caroline Teddy Boys', but Lamont engagingly reveals that his views are shaped by the fact that he is `a child of the 1940s'.
This is partly so by the evidence of Islam itself, the unloveliness of fanaticism, the dishonesty of obscurantism, the political cynicism, and the violation of human rights.