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incapable of inspiring love or affection

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They cannot report that they now feel they are totally unloveable and only worthy of rejection.
Conor has experienced abuse and neglect throughout his childhood and is now pushing his foster carers and the school to their limits, trying to be unloveable because every kindness hurts.
Bundled with the OS are Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint) as well as Google Maps (which integrates with the GPS), a couple of games, the unloveable Internet Explorer and a pocket version of Windows Media Player.
42) In the end, Curnow's is a kind of perfection that is admirable but unloveable, a place intriguing enough to visit but never a place to dwell.
Despite this seemingly unloveable disaster, the band prove to be triumphant in their task of warming up the hungry punters.
The man who made us love the unloveable David Brent is riding on the crest of a wave and is now stepping into the world of feature films.
Ramsey didn't like the Scots and in his customary abrasive, unloveable style, confirmed that as soon as he got off the train.
1, only 5ft 7in tall and unloveable with it, has twice created a big impression this year - when 13th in the Masters and 36th at treacherous Shinnecock Hills in the US Open.
The point is also made by Hodgson: "Milton condemns the unloveable wives who threaten men's marital peace--and he does so by declaring that wives in unhappy marriages are, without necessarily being culpable, guilty.
But because the character is such an unloveable one, Lewis has attracted strange reactions from people in the street.
Through all of the kind words, we gain a fairly clear impression that the world must have deemed Austin to have been a somewhat unloveable nitpicker, but it is an inference never expressly appearing in the text.
Tension on the bridge is followed by mutinous mutterings in the officer's mess, as the unloveable Vostrikov orders one emergency drill after another and then plunges K-19 down to crushing depth, where great dings and dents ting out along the hull like the blows of a monster blacksmith.
Apart from Brookie - with its motley collection of mostly unloveable screechy-squawky, cheeky-chirpy, kick-off merchants who occupy a universe where C Warren Esq is seemingly our cultural ambassador - the answer came on the screen a night later.
The Martins (15)*** Lee Evans and Kathy Burke are superb as the unloveable family of the title, but in truth it's little more than a so-so TV play.
The occurrences are dispiriting, and often leave her feeling--surprisingly--unattractive and unloveable.