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Synonyms for unloosen

Synonyms for unloosen

loosen the ties of


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With hands trembling with delight, Squeers unloosened the cord; and Smike, to all appearance more dead than alive, was brought into the house and securely locked up in a cellar, until such time as Mr Squeers should deem it expedient to operate upon him, in presence of the assembled school.
Having unloosened the cravat of the man who still remained extended on the ground, she tottered towards the undertaker.
Unconscious of that, and of most things, he had left the coat so, both when he had laved his face in the river, and when he had cast himself upon the bed; though it would have been much easier to him if he had unloosened it.
The domino effect of a western attack on Assad could be a Middle East war involving Israel that unloosens the malign power of Iran, Russia and China in the region.
But on weekends, he unloosens his tie and puts Bangkok behind him by cycling to Bang Kra Jao.
Because aesthetic experience unloosens feelings from deep beneath the threshold of conscious experience, it is loaded with heavy, shifting, indeterminate meanings; it is unbounded experience; that is, it is very brief, easily lost, totally unanalyzable, and therefore ineffable.