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Synonyms for unloosen

Synonyms for unloosen

loosen the ties of


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Though you have been out in a froth-spitting squall on Long Island Sound or in an ocean liner on a burgeoning sea you have but a childlike hint of what a nineteen-year-old's reaction is to the pitch black shrieking dark out there in the very cold northern elements of unloosening spring off Norway's coast tonight 15,000 feet up, or fifty under or worse, on the smashing face of it and here I see God.
But if the Thames had overflowed its subsidised banks, if 30,000 homes in London were under stinking, sodden, sewage-ridden waters, you can bet the PM and all his Ministers would have been down there wringing their hands and unloosening the purse strings.
John Prescott unloosening his belt to - no, let's not go any further down that road.
Portillo's camera focuses on how the unloosening of libido disturbs traditional gender roles with her portrayal of a crossdresser.
The wider consequence of these four circulatory problems is unloosening within the fifth loop of knots and ties.
Damn shame, he thought, unloosening the rubber binding on Purcell's file and allowing the pages to unfold on his desk.
Soon the tide is unloosening the apples, and one by one they fall to the shore or roll back to the ocean.
(16) But it is not the most seductive act, which, to me, is Hester's casting away of the scarlet let and unloosening of her hair, which restores "[h]er sex, her youth, and the whole richness of her beauty" (p.