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Synonyms for unloosen

Synonyms for unloosen

loosen the ties of


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This is an account of the more-than-hundred-years attempt to roll back the stone from the tomb and unloosen the centuries of cobwebs that enshroud Mark and Matthew, Luke and Paul, John and the author of Hebrews.
Percussion nipples are threaded into the rear of the cylinder and have right-hand threads, meaning that they will unloosen in a counter-clockwise direction.
17) Similarly, a few pages later, he asks Violet to unloosen her hair, an act that leaves her sexually open to him, but he also requests, "Imprison me with those white arms of thine" (p.
Does that include he time it takes the average drunken bloke to unloosen his belt, find the bed or find the girl?
But on weekends, he unloosens his tie and puts Bangkok behind him by cycling to Bang Kra Jao.