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Synonyms for unloose

Synonyms for unloose

loosen the ties of


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And perhaps more relevant to our context, the traveller would unloose the burden (his possessions
Frantic that his monstrous hands cannot unloose his sore feet from the crippling double knots tied in his shoelaces by the white nurse, he continues on the road to try to "tie the loose cords in his mind" and discover the secret of who he is and why the nurse labels him "Private" (10).
The sentence was read, usually a very severe one, which served as another shock in a series of shocks set up to unloose the unrepentant's tongue.
Unloose free market forces and the resulting competition will bring down rates, eliminate discriminatory pricing and improve service.
Priceless and quiet," the speaker begins to unloose her power in a sort of undressing: first "One feather," then "One note," until finally she becomes more and more dangerous:
finely braided, hanging down the shoulders of an unloose woman.
Wars mitigated business slumps and brought abnormally high levels of employment; demobilization unloose a different kind of havoc on England's largest community.
And darkness like a breaker swamped the room, until he felt her shoulders slacken, and her breath, long held (it seemed to him) since long before they'd met until this time, unloose itself in halting strokes to range reserved yet sure and unmolested in that rush of water as it bore her past the bay.
The enthusiasm she'll need to unloose in herself is a form of madness, as the ancient Greeks understood.
I edge along the book-shelf, Past bad Lord Byron, Raymond Chandler, Howard Hughes; The Hidden Years, Past Blaise Pascal, who, bound in hide, Divined the void to his left side: Such books as one may think one owns Unloose themselves like stones And clatter down into this wider gulf Between myself and my good wife.
In the future, scholars seeking to ask and answer unpopular questions about sensitive subjects in this country will necessarily think twice lest they unloose the powerful combination of self-righteous ignorance and the will to censorship that sullied the name of John Roth.
As to festival--come on, unbutton here, unloose the stubborn
Even when the center appeared to hold--most notably when a bare majority composed of the usual dissenters and Justice Kennedy denied Arkansas the power to impose term limits on Congressional representatives--the Court's reactionary right threatened in dissent to unloose doctrinal anarchy.
The suspicion that a high-tech future will unloose the dogs of higher (and permanent) unemployment and discrimination has been aired before, but the edge in Rifkin's piece derives from its clear juxtaposition of competing values: "The high-tech society places a premium on hyper-efficiency--continually maximizing output in the minimum time, expending the minimum labor, energy and capital.