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(of weapons) not charged with ammunition


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He had unloaded 85 sacks when a few workers came and said they would unload the material and also demanded money for the sacks already unloaded.
The report also says that 55,201 tons of machinery, vehicles and spare parts were loaded and unloaded at Iranian ports, 6.
a train unloaded passengers at Cubao station due to a technical problem, an MRT 3 service report said.
The total value of fishes unloaded by Artisan fishing in the Sultanate during the same period reached RO75 million and 965 thousand with a 26.
Vessel activity at Sultan Qaboos Port and Salalah Port witnessed a growth in terms of unloaded and loaded cargo by the end of April 2014, when compared with the same periodin 2013.
Muscat: Vessel activity at Port Sultan Qaboos (SPQ) and Salalah Port witnessed growth in terms of unloaded and loaded (export) cargo in the first half of 2014 when compared with the same period in 2013.
The gas will be unloaded through the flexible riser into the pipeline end manifold (PLEM) for transportation to shore via the subsea pipeline.
In the face of an ever-growing volume of road transport, the safety and speed with which articulated lorries are loaded and unloaded is now a very serious business.
Each train will be carrying 1,100 tonnes of cargo, spread across 21 wagons, which will need to be unloaded in 30 minutes.
1 : to take away or off : remove <Workers unloaded cargo.
The Geartek SED model is unloaded upon receiving an electrical input from an automatic or manually controlled source.
An operator would simply guide the low-height dolly into position under a truck and align its pick-up pan with each of the truck's hopper gates in turn as each hopper was ready to be unloaded.
But the exemption for other private citizens traveling with guns applies only to unloaded, locked guns and unloaded guns carried by hunters with permission from school officials to traverse whatever school zones lie between them and their destinations.
Grain unloaded from a grain car is difficult and expensive to clean because the Canadian system is designed to ship grain rather than receive it.
Also, to maximize barge shipments, recyclers should try to reduce the number of times a shipment has to be loaded and unloaded.