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Synonyms for unlivable

unfit or unsuitable to live in or with

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West Bankers don't have to wait till 2020 to see their life under occupation become unlivable, as that of their counterparts' in Gaza has become.
DALHAMIYA, Lebanon: Snowstorms and weeks of bad weather have turned the lush Bekaa Valley into an unlivable swamp for tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.
Migrating from Kashmir to Pakistan's southern side was the girl's and her family's decision, yet motivated by the unlivable conditions in the occupied territory.
Fifteen percent of the hundreds of thousands of homes damaged by the storm are still unlivable. And of the 1,651 people from 24 counties who answered the survey, 30 percent of those impacted by the storm said their lives are still "somewhat" or "very" disrupted by the devastating storm's lingering damage.
In 2012, the UN issued a report saying that Gaza would be unlivable by 2020.
Admitting that Karachi is considered one of the most densely populated city and constantly ranked as one of the world's most unlivable cities, the Sindh government that severe traffic congestion and induced air and noise pollution play a major role in these poor ranking.
'The construction of substandard and unlivable housing units for calamity victims despite billions of pesos allocated for them will not happen if there was no collusion between corrupt NHA officials and unscrupulous private contractors,' Ejercito said.
Evidently there is overpopulation and these cells are unlivable.
The family are now living with Paul's mum as he says the house is "unlivable".
Mr Jamil says the locality was almost unlivable for the residents due to the dumpsite.
This world is becoming unlivable. Every day we hear about violence from different parts of the world.
For those residents whose homes were damaged to the point of being unlivable, our approach has been focused on helping them into their next home, whether at another Alliance-managed community or not.
she fears the coming changes at times unlivable and here
ONE million children in Gaza are enduring "unlivable" conditions amid widespread power cuts, according to a leading NGO.
In 2012, the UN warned that Gaza could be unlivable by 2020.