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Antonyms for unlisted

not on a list


not having your name entered on a voting list

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Class: Unlisted Options Exercise Price $0.25, Expiry 31 August 2019
The letter suggested an alternative could be to allow the fund to be invested in unlisted shares in large companies that are not yet listed, and that a limit of 1 percent of the equity portfolio could be dedicated to them.
Managing director Simon Mitchell acquired 170,000 fully paid ordinary shares and 85,001 unlisted options, exercisable at 18 cents on or before December 31, 2021, amounting to $18,700.
The FCA said unlisted securities within the fund hit 20 per cent of NAV in February 2019, prior to the listing of some securities on Tise.
On the same day, 66.3 percent was invested in equities, 3 percent in unlisted real estate and 30.7 percent in fixed income.
Evli Bank Oyj (HEL:EVLI), an investment bank, reported on Monday that in accordance with the shareholder agreement, it has acquired 5,066 of its own unlisted A shares on 17 September 2018, as a result of the termination of employment relationships.
From October 2, issue of further shares and transfer of all shares by unlisted public companies shall be in dematerialised form only, the ministry said.
There have been some dreadful planning decisions recently in Birmingham to do with historic buildings, particularly the demolition of unlisted buildings of good quality such as St Luke's Church in Bristol Street.
The jurisdiction of NFRA for investigation of Chartered Accountants (CA) and their firms under section 132 of the act would extend to listed companies and large unlisted public companies, the thresholds for which shall be prescribed in the rules.
Imran Hamid Sheikh has under section 144 CrPC imposed complete ban on all unlisted entities in District Mardan either to raise public funds, collect donations and animal hides, run advertisement campaign through banners, placards or any other form of print media, electronic media or run such services which are ostensibly for public good.
Listing triggers a set of corporate governance requirements which is generally not applicable to unlisted companies; and research by investment analysts, and pricing through open market trading, signals company health to the regulator and stakeholders.
The list was made up of the region's most successful listed and unlisted developers, local real estate consultants, international consultants and - for the first time - Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).
Summary: Dubai's wasl claims top ranking among the region's unlisted players
As per the prevalent regulatory requirements, the PE and VC funds should be established in closed-end structure for investment in securities of unlisted company or a company listed on SME board or an unlisted company engaged in business of investing in developing a new product or process or desiring expansion of its business.
The CEM methodology also introduces a new standardization process for illiquid assets, including Unlisted Real Estate and Private Equity, to eliminate the reporting lag between the time when an underlying asset changes value and when that value is reported to the pension fund.