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Synonyms for unlined

not having a lining or liner


smooth, especially of skin

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Clark noted that there is a "plastic cap" over a smaller and older unlined portion of the landfill.
I bumped into her recently and when I had recovered from the shock of staring into the unlined face that I have worshipped for a lifetime, I pulled myself together enough to demonstrate the dance that Lulu used to do when singing I'm A Tiger.
In it, the agency notes that while the 2003 proposal would have created conditions by which solvent-contaminated wipes and laundry sludge could go to municipal or non-hazardous waste landfills, the original risk analysis failed to consider the important issue of whether these landfills would be lined or unlined.
Blank unlined paper, coloured pens and pencils, your brain and imagination.
Available in three colors--stainless, blue and pink--it is made with unlined, 18/0 food grade stainless steel.
Unlined M2 machine gun barrels don't know when to leave.
Some of the transuranic waste was buried underground in unlined pits 600 feet above the Snake River aquifer.
While federal regulations require animal facilities to develop management plans to protect surface water and groundwater from fecal contamination, swine facilities that were in operation prior to the regulations are allowed to continue to use unlined lagoons, which can leak.
Unlined metal pipes are widely used in drinking-water distribution systems.
If this wood ends up in unlined landfills, which don't retain the water that percolates through the waste, arsenic might leach out and contaminate groundwater, she says.
For unlined elbows and straight ducts, the modified four-pole parameters were determined by assuming a unit velocity at the inlet and the characteristic impedance ([rho]c) at the outlet.
Sanitation District officials had wanted to leave the ponds unlined, saying they would sit on clay soil that is relatively impervious.
Pictures should be on unlined paper, and poems should be twelve lines or less.
Another issue Townsend sees rising for C&D landfills is groundwater contamination, especially from the many unlined landfills around the country.