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Synonyms for unlined

not having a lining or liner


smooth, especially of skin

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Alstone has used first time in India unlined technology to give their floorings the perfect seamless finish and higher abrasion resistance with aluminium oxide coating which lasts for 15-20 years longer.
A 2009 Integrated Solid Waste Planning report by the DEQ indicates that groundwater contamination caused by unlined landfills have caused operating costs to rise well beyond the budgets of most small local governments in Wyoming.
In a companion paper (Ruan and Herrin 2016), the attenuation of straight lined and unlined ducts with varying cross sections was predicted using finite element analysis (FEA) and compared with measured results with good agreement.
But if the quality remains low, it easily erodes canal bed or causes breach/s, and sometimes becomes more dangerous than unlined channels.
In order to estimate water losses and conveyance efficiency in lined and unlined section of watercourses the inflow and outflow method was used.
The aroma of cherries greets you, and blends beautifully with the hint of vanilla and slightly smokey richness that are gifts from the Unlined Oak Casks.
The scope of the work also covers constructing unlined and GRO lined manholes, inspection chambers and a number of other detailed works.
Only a few manufacturers provide values in printed catalogs for unlined duct and unlined (or non-exposed) VAV terminal units.
There will be four types of bras - the push up, a sporty demi-cut version, an unlined alternative and "a subtle lift"- in her line, which will be ranging in price from 40 dollars to 49 dollars.
INTRODUCES a 20-quart insulated beverage server, the Party Bucket, as an alternative to traditional unlined tubs.
They can be supplied in standard weight or extra heavy construction, and are available for unlined pipe or with abrasion-or corrosion-resistant rubber lining.
QUICKIE Across: 1 Foreseeable 8 Aim 9 Inn 11 Premier 12 Shave 13 Pen 14 Rye 15 Weeping 17 Yap 19 Ugly 21 Acts 23 Dune 25 Solo 27 Tea 29 Sparkle 31 Ass 34 Ore 36 Shame 37 Manager 38 Meg 39 Lit 40 Downtrodden Down: 1 Fire 2 Omen 3 Eminent 4 Europe 5 Arson 6 Liar 7 Envy 8 Apply 10 Needy 16 Gun 18 Pal 20 Get 22 Cos 24 Unlined 25 Spasm 26 Primer 28 Avert 30 Preen 32 Shed 33 Sago 34 Ogle 35 Rein.
Thelan said these were, in fact, normal results for a landfill that has an unlined portion.
markets a full line of work gloves, including lined and unlined leather, chemical resistant, chore, jersey and cotton.
Try a soft-shouldered or unlined jacket, either double breasted or more informal in a checked cotton, or an easy to wear neutral shade.