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8) This, Dancy claims, 'plainly isn't the same' as the kind of unlimitedness we saw in the Heavenly Tradition: being a particular (55).
If we add the phenomenological element into our understanding of the term, we find that these cases of unlimitedness (both of which Socrates does seem to have in mind at various points in the dialogue) can be integrated into a single definition.
In the Philebus, by contrast, Socrates says that Prometheus, "or one like him," (20) gave humans not only fire, but also the most valuable cognition, that all things consist of a one and a many and have in them a combination of limit and unlimitedness.
As absolute Spirit, God is the horizon of the human-as-spirit, beckoning our finite intentionality toward the unlimitedness of the divine.
62) There is no talk of a separate spirited element that intrudes into the city, but rather spiritedness is somehow latent within the unlimitedness inherent in appetite itself (It is at this transitional moment that hunters are introduced into the city-hunters embody an appetite that has developed a spirited dimension to satisfy itself.
For the others than the One," Parmenides says at 158d3-5, "it follows from the One and their communing ([Greek Text Omitted]) with it that something different ([Greek Text Omitted]) arises in them that gives them [Greek Text Omitted] in relation to each other; their own nature in and of themselves, on the other hand, gives them unlimitedness ([Greek Text Omitted]).
Does not the instrumental activity of [unkeyable] or vous place some constraint or limitation on the One, counter to its purported unlimitedness as explained above?