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the improbability of a specified outcome

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She concluded: "Mitigating factors were the early plea to manslaughter, the apology which I accept as being genuine, the co-operation with gardai, the information provided on the location of the body, the unlikelihood of Devaney re-offending and his previous good character.
By simply reminding myself of the unlikelihood of what I fear actually happening, my brain focuses on preparing for success.
We have noticed this year that the banks have become relatively more confident than in previous years on the unlikelihood of CoT being wiped out completely, and we think it was on the back of expectations that CBN intended to review the bank charges.
While Spy isn't quite up there with Bridesmaids, it's certainly close as McCarthy plays on the unlikelihood of an overweight fortysomething being dropped into the world of international crimefighting.
While Spy isn't quite up there with Bridesmaids, it's close, with McCarthy playing on the unlikelihood of an overweight 40-something being dropped into the world of international crimefighting.
Brendan Rodgers has insisted the Reds will not lower their sights in the transfer market this summer, despite the unlikelihood of qualifying for the Champions League.
Of course, I realize the pitfalls and limitations of the deal, as well as the unlikelihood that it will change Iran's broader behavior in the region.
However, the country's leadership recogni s es the unlikelihood of a trend reversal, implementing a new national energy strategy to spur greater development of the sector where possible.
Police operations over the past two days follow the government's abrupt cancellation of talks scheduled last Friday with the activists, citing the unlikelihood of a constructive outcome given their sharp differences.
JURORS in the case of veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis (above) were yesterday urged to "look at the unlikelihood of coincidence" when giving verdicts on assault charges brought against him following complaints by a number of women.
He said he does that in cases with an unlikelihood of a flight risk.
The basis of circumstantial evidence depends on the unlikelihood of coincidence.
In Sunday's House of Councillors election, the DPJ fielded only one candidate in the Tokyo constituency after revoking its endorsement of another candidate only two days before official campaigning kicked off on July 4 due to the unlikelihood of it securing two seats in the capital.
The Planning Board met several times with MBTA officials to discuss the town's concerns, including noise levels at the proposed station and the unlikelihood of promised economic benefits, including new jobs and improved connectivity to freight service within the business park.
Recognizing the unlikelihood of this dream being realized, he settled instead for a career as a newspaper and magazine correspondent and ended up working in Washington, D.