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Synonyms for unlearned

lacking the requisite scholarship or instruction

Synonyms for unlearned

not established by conditioning or learning

not well learned

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uneducated in general

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Among the threads of the past which the stricken man had gathered up, he had omitted the bill of sale; the flash of memory had only lit up prominent ideas, and he sank into forgetfulness again with half his humiliation unlearned.
opinionating our Ion's position among the unlearned wayward
Lies that hold us back from reaching out full potential--unless they are unlearned.
If she did it was clearly a lesson unlearned as her youngest offspring, Andy, fiddled and fidgeted with his Centre Court starter, the little known Benjamin Becker.
Lessons unlearned MY daughter graduated when Alex Salmond was elected to power.
Laufer (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) argues that project management beliefs and practices are influenced by outdated concepts that must be unlearned.
And this intimate evening, based on his upcoming memoir of how a young man from Wales very slowly became an overnight success, should help to fill in the blanks on any bits and bobs about him still unlearned.
Yet innate, unlearned mouse song could have value for genetic studies of behavior, researchers in Japan suggest online March 9 in PLoS ONE.
While depression continues to be an epidemic, O'Connor is hopeful because neuroscience has confirmed that the "skills of depression" can be unlearned and replaced by new neural pathways.
Unlearned Lessons: Six Stumbling Blocks to Our Schools' Success.
This is the third review of the initiative, and by all accounts lessons remain unlearned.
Children have the ability to let everything that doesn't satisfy their quest drop away; in essence, to become unlearned.
In the marathon course she had unlearned her deeply-held ideas about how to see and paint, relearned these concepts as understood by her teacher, and in doing so learned new strategies for painting.
Yale University scientists said in Nature journal: "Our ability to evaluate people is universal and unlearned.
Your "Katrina: Unlearned Lessons" [September/October] is truly excellent and educational.