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Synonyms for unlearned

lacking the requisite scholarship or instruction

Synonyms for unlearned

not established by conditioning or learning

not well learned

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uneducated in general

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In the marathon course she had unlearned her deeply-held ideas about how to see and paint, relearned these concepts as understood by her teacher, and in doing so learned new strategies for painting.
Yale University scientists said in Nature journal: "Our ability to evaluate people is universal and unlearned.
Your "Katrina: Unlearned Lessons" [September/October] is truly excellent and educational.
A chapter on fisheries will document cod and salmon lessons unlearned.
Many of your readers for the most part are unconcerned, unlearned, naive and who almost never read the editorial pages of a metropolitan daily newspaper.
html) offers a judicious compromise: "His style is lofty and noble, beautified with rhetorical ornaments and figures, but somewhat studied; and the length of his periods makes him sometimes obscure to the unlearned.
We learn about the world and our place in it from the moment we're conceived, and it's virtually guaranteed that some of those lessons will have to be unlearned if we are going to lead liberated lives.
Also: Jason Vest on DEA appointee Karen Tandy and Lizzy Ratner on the unlearned lessons of Guantanamo detainment camps.
Additionally, filial therapy provides focused attention to the child from a person who holds emotional significance to the child, thus encouraging anxieties learned from the parental influence to be unlearned, and provides opportunities for miscommunications to be clarified to the child by the parent.
The need for such a book, according to the preface, arose from the fact that local courts were typically staffed with people unlearned in the law.
Amid snappy flowcharts and impressively footnoted diagrams, we learn that no one is born homosexual, no one chooses to have same-sex attractions, anyone can choose to change, what was learned can be unlearned, and, my favorite, "It's not gay nor bad, it's SSAD--Same-Sex Attachment Disorder.
Zentall, Steirn, Sherburne, and Urcuioli (1991) have assumed a mechanism of the dissociation between stimulus dimensions of two pairs of stimuli as follows: Stimuli can have both unlearned and learned representations.
I like the preface to Tristam Shandy's "marble page": "Read, read, read, read, my unlearned reader
In an even more determined push over racial and cultural frontiers, Andile Sotiya, a black ballet-trained dancer, presented Lessons Unlearned, an inventive if slightly overemphatic first work on the theme of the Holocaust, creating brutal, stamping, swooping movements for the despairing lines of women, who alternately huddle and flail in front of a frozen tableau of a sabbath meal.