unleaded gasoline

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gasoline that has not been treated with a lead compound

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self-serve regular unleaded gasoline averages $4 per gallon, which is 14 cents higher than last month and 98 cents higher than last year.
Al-Awja said that the company plans to carry out a special project of an isomerization units of gasoline, which will cover the country entire needs from unleaded gasoline.
2%), unleaded gasoline (up by 27%), and diesel (up by 65.
UNEP officials foresee that most of the continent will have made the switch to unleaded gasoline by 2008.
The new price is 115 yen per liter, up 3 yen, for high-octane unleaded gasoline and 103 yen, up 3 yen, for regular gasoline.
The Southern California average price for regular self-serve unleaded gasoline was $1.
With many people pumping fuel at self-service stations daily, the potential for human exposure to the vapors of unleaded gasoline is high.
AAA Chicago's most recent Fuel Gauge Report estimates that in Illinois, regular unleaded gasoline has increased 11 cents during the past month, forecasting an average cost of $2.
Tenders are invited for UMass Fleet Operations/Transportation Services for the Purchase of B5 BioDiesel and Unleaded Gasoline.
According to information obtained from gas stations, the pump price of a liter (nearly a quarter gallon) of 95-octane unleaded gasoline in Ankara rose from TL 4.
According to data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), in March 2011 the production of unleaded gasoline goes up by 112.
20 liters of unleaded gasoline 98 and 95 octane increased by 200 Lebanese Pounds, 20 liters of kerosene increased by 200 Lebanese Pounds, 20 liters of gas oil increased by 100 Lebanese Pounds.
Summary: BEIRUT: Twenty liters of unleaded gasoline, 98 and 95-octane grades, rose by LL400 in Lebanon Wednesday, while 20 liters of kerosene rose by LL400 and 20 liters of gasoil rose by LL500.
We've essentially cleaned up the lead,'' he said referring to the 20- year battle won with the help of unleaded gasoline.
In this month's issue, a group of Taiwanese researchers led by Hsiao-Hsuan Mi find that certain unleaded gasoline formulations can produce more toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) than unleaded formulations [EHP 109: 1285-1290].