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Synonyms for unlawfulness

the state or quality of being illegal

Antonyms for unlawfulness

the quality of failing to conform to law

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"The irrationality of limiting the exception for children cared for in kinship arrangements to third or subsequent children has been raised on numerous occasions by various bodies, yet rather than accepting such legitimate criticisms and removing the restriction, it has required taking the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) to court for the unlawfulness to be properly recognised." The group said it intended to appeal against Mr Justice Ouseley's decision to dismiss its "wider challenge to the lawfulness of the two-child rule as breaching fundamental human rights to private and family life and to non-discrimination".
'In the face of such unacceptable act carried out by some of our citizens, we cannot shift blame on the company for taking any legal action on those engaged in such unlawfulness', they further intimated.
"The impression that suppliers who have a relationship with the procuring entity are given preference, and the appearance of unlawfulness or impropriety that arises when purchase transactions are entered with them, should have cautioned respondents to be extra careful with their actions," it added.
While thankful for the approaches, the prime minister said "there is no possible mediation between democratic law and disobedience and unlawfulness."
If so (the unlawfulness of this aside) the council need to stop.
The purpose of the call is to communicate directly with the Company's broad Sukukholder group, and provide proper context and additional information regarding the planned restructuring, including background on the declaration of the current Sukuk's unlawfulness, the proposed solution for the way forward, and the steps that the Company has in the meantime had to take to protect its position and in the interests of all of its stakeholders.
The Iranian nation has learned through experience that discipline is beneficial, and indiscipline unlawfulness can be so harmful."
According to Article 30 of the Polish Penal Code, whoever commits a prohibited act while being justifiably unaware of its unlawfulness, shall not commit a criminal offence; if the mistake of the perpetrator is not justifiable, the court may apply an extraordinary commutation of the punishment.
Anyone who comes to the fore with critical views against the regime and a bold stance against corrupt practices, injustice, despotism, arbitrariness and unlawfulness now faces legal action.
" In light of the unlawfulness of the settlements, the restrictions pile one illegal action on top of another: sweeping, disproportionate impairment of freedom of movement of an entire population to realize and perpetuate a policy that is illegal from the start."
Nurullay Albayrak, a lawyer for Gulen, called the allegations "immoral slander" and said "this nation has never seen unlawfulness, immorality and lies at such a level." Oran said in a statement that he was a victim of "an immoral, outrageous and ugly slander" and labelled the allegations "dark propaganda." The lawmaker also said he had launched a libel lawsuit against the editors of the three newspapers and noted that the messages were fake since they exceeded the 140-character limit on Twitter.
The report, released on this year's World Day against the Death Penalty, said mentally-disabled or -ill prisoners sentenced to be executed may not have the mental capacity to "appreciate the unlawfulness or nature of his or her conduct, or capacity to control his or her conduct to conform to the requirements of law," as stated by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
We would argue that in addition to the lack of unlawfulness, neither intent nor causation applies, and furthermore that the term 'passive euthanasia' is an oxymoron and should be abandoned.