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unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

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These unknowledgeable people are creating play spaces and dungeon groups and again, it's other inexperienced people who are suffering the brunt of this inexperience.
The descriptors include pushy, selfish, lazy, rich, schmoozer, money hungry, dishonest, unknowledgeable and insincere.
Among students entering college undecided or unknowledgeable about future careers, it seems that the attraction of STEM is more compelling than popularly claimed.
The majority of them [youths] were unknowledgeable and in the land of the blind the man with one eye is king," he said.
Disclosure requirements are often discussed as a method of assisting even unknowledgeable investors.
As Kildare Slippy crossed the line almost ten lengths clear, only the most blinkered or unknowledgeable of spectators would have been shocked if the dog hadn't smashed the 474m hurdles clock.
Another reason for this result may be that participants' being aware and responsible for such a complex process of MSDs might lead to being sensitive to pain, thus, these participants felt pain more than other group who were unknowledgeable to ergonomics.
But no amount of fantastic stock, prime locations or creative marketing can make up for staff who are reluctant to provide a pleasant shopping experience or are unknowledgeable.
When 60 Minutes interviewed the primary doctor running the clinic and online operation, the Q & A was what one would expect from someone unknowledgeable and trying to hide something.
Lapchick elucidated realities that the livelihoods of black athletes often were constructed by persons that either were ill-concerned, or unknowledgeable of the reality faced by black athletes.
Peisert believes some of the quickest ways to alienate recreational shooters are to make them feel like unknowledgeable beginners, and fail to answer their questions.
Although this figure is quite motivating for those of us who think the number should be higher, such statistics discourage unknowledgeable administrators and decision makers from supporting braille and braille instruction.
Number 108 on his list, "Appearing to enjoy classical music," (2) proposes that the main motivation for acquiring knowledge about classical music is for recognition by others of said knowledge, coupled with sheer terror at seeming unknowledgeable regarding classical music in affluent circles.
Yet it is often because of fear of the unknown, and the attendant fear of being (deemed) unknowledgeable, that we cling to the status quo in our fields of endeavor.
122) Because there are no public records of the services a disabled child receives, it is hard for an unknowledgeable parent to determine the universe of services to ask for.