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unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

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He said the PTI chief had developed the habit to read others' scripts adding that in his press conference he appeared as a totally unknowledgeable person.
Unknowledgeable companies are adding drone cover to regular Commercial General Liability policies.
This is addressed in the second part of the definition of excess rent, which notes that excess rent is "created by a lease favorable to the landlord (lessor) and may reflect unusual management, unknowledgeable parties, a lease execution in an earlier, stronger rental market, or an agreement of the parties.
Common staff problems included unfriendly or even rude staff, unhelpful staff, and unknowledgeable staff.
But the song also doesn't engage in unknowledgeable hyperbole and claim a million stars.
Nothing chips away at an attorney's credibility more than incorrectly answering a judge's question, or coming off as evasive or unknowledgeable.
Our brother can't run the business as he is simple and unknowledgeable in this field.
Causes are limited selection and stock in brick-and-mortar stores, busy pharmacists and unknowledgeable store clerks, and limited choice and availability of sample packs in stores.
Ask yourself how the majority of people working in providing college services can be so unknowledgeable, uncaring, can hold serving students in such contempt and still keep their jobs.
In the first chapter, Machado Saez unravels how the authors she examines must historically contextualize diaspora for unknowledgeable readers and simultaneously must entertain their audience (31-34).
This requires trust and value in the role of other healthcare providers so that questions can be asked openly without concern that an individual will be seen as unknowledgeable.
Apart from being unknowledgeable about lower level concepts, it is reported that up to 25% of teachers do not even meet the minimum teaching qualifications that MOESAC demands.
I have seen more than one person who was "net sacrificed" because of something they posted on the internet that was valid information only to have uneducated and unknowledgeable people chew them up and spit them out.
Nor could he be unknowledgeable about how the chieftaincies' keep bickering and quarreling over the natural treasures discovered in their preserves.
Allah (SWT) mentioned the difference between knowledgeable and the unknowledgeable in the noble Quran which means: "Say, are those who know equal to those who do not know?