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without joints or jointed segments

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And yet, as status indicators, these send slightly mixed signals: the slices of stone form an unjointed rainscreen, which could seem flimsy next to the exceptional bricks from Petersen Tegl, the Danish firm which supplied Peter Zumthor's lauded Kolumba Art Museum in Cologne (AR November 2007).
The unjointed moulders are available with four to nine heads, full cardan shaft drive with feed speeds up to 82 fpm and feature easy head adjustment by mechanical digital readouts, with dual digital readout available for radial settings.
He unjointed the fly rod, reeling the line through the guides.
There are two main types: those with jointed stems, such as the prickly pear and cholla, both of the genus Opuntia; and those with a single unjointed stem, the barrel cacti.
She concocted an unjointed washable bear and its shape became predominant throughout the 1960s and 1970s when it suddenly became fashionable for adults to collect bears.
The unjointed fiber-reinforced concrete pavement experienced transverse cracks at approximately 26-meter (85-foot) spacing.
In total, 360 single-splice joints, 450 double-splice joints, and 60 unjointed specimens were tested in tension.