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admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding

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We further argue that, under pressure to reconcile the principle of present consent with the fact that univocal acts of sovereignty are all but impossible under Article V, American constitutional practice has produced a second juridico-political ontology, a conception of popular sovereignty as multitudinous that is now increasingly influential in constitutional practice.
In conclusion, the answer to the question asked in the context of our research is that there is a univocal relationship between accounting and risk; either the accounting model determines the analyzing model of financial risks, or the evolution of risk reality determines the accounting model, depending on the accounting system applied, as follows:
The way a pure univocal ('ala sabil at-tawatu') name is common to its referents differs from the way a shared name (bi-ttifaq al-ism) can be common to distinct referents.
Deleuze finds fault with the sphere between the univocal and the equivocal as the unconcerned interval of the analogical.
An insistence on continuity, rather than discontinuity, also pervades I the exhibition catalogue, in which curator Heike van den Valentyn and art historian Paulo Venancio Filho assimilate such international movements to a univocal understanding of kinetic art, as in Valentyn's forced comparison between Gego and Klein.
Distributed cognition is, by definition, not univocal, and the digitas now has no central servers.
Rather than treating differences between the four Gospels as potential barriers to the truth (as mistakenly done by Augustine and other Gospel harmonizers, Enlightenment critics, and "historical Jesus" questers), the plural embodiment of the canonical gospel rejects equating truth with a singular and univocal set of empirical "facts.
The Iranian president is not responsible for, nor capable of, making Washington univocal about Iran.
The univocal concept of God's being, which (Gregory claims) goes back to the late medieval Franciscan theologian, Duns Scotus, instead sees God as one ens among many; He is an infinite being and created other, finite beings in time, but He is not different from them qua ens.
If Loughlin's work is a univocal (23) and sustained exercise in the retrieval of "political right", the Kingsbury and Straumann book is a multivocal (24) lesson on the importance, the difficulties, and the promise of exercises of retrieval.
According to Mahn, the logic and rhetoric of the Easter liturgy is paradoxical rather than straightforward and univocal, serving as a sort of 'failed speech' that communicates past events (like Adam's sin and Christ's atonement) without making them conceptually 'present' (45-6).
Balzac's use of details and types, though it draws on a wide range of third-person and univocal writings, ultimately rests on a very different literary ethos, one that owes more to journalism and echoes his participation in the encydopedic and polyphonic Les Francais peints par eux-memes.
Despite recognizing the importance of implementing effective policies to tackle the issue of unemployment and economic growth, Caan and most of the experts contributing to the discussion believe that entrepreneurship mindsets, braveness in coming up with innovative ideas and decentralization of initiatives to encourage the setting up of successful private businesses can do more to the cause than any univocal governmental program.