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an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students

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Maureen Fay found some antecedents to University Extension in Chautauqua, but she also noted distinct differences in organization and curriculum.
An unannounced, telephone follow-up evaluation of 181 out-of-school adults who had enrolled in 1 of 2 programs of individual career counseling at a university extension center indicated that 78% were satisfied or very satisfied.
Other supporting companies and organizations include the Michigan DNR, Michigan State University Extension, Huron National Forest, Weyerhaeuser, Monsanto, American Cyanamid, Mead Corporation, Cynergy Corporation and Outdoor Life through Ford Trucks.
The wool market has been in the dumps for several years, but this is the worst I've ever seen it," says Jay Carr, Baker County's Oregon State University extension agent.
An English department chairman in a San Francisco public high school audited two university extension program courses overseas.
According to studies, such as one cited in the Ohio State University Extension Bulletin SS-128-97, "Medication Misuse Among Older Adults," as many as 50 percent of prescriptions are not taken properly.
He became a traveling lecturer for the newly founded university extension movement.
The meeting had some aspects of a political convention, or perhaps a Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club convention, and some aspects of a university extension course in physics.
Steve Meadows, Chief Operating Officer, Clemson University Extension Services; UnitedHealthcare mascot Dr.
Oregon State University Extension Service of Lane County is offering a field tour on "Root Disease Identification and Management.
The Lake County Development Council Agribusiness Committee has joined hands with Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District, Ohio State University Extension, and the Ohio Sea Grant College Program to launch a business retention and expansion program to assess the local business environment and assist existing agricultural businesses with expansion within the community.
Earlier, Director Bureau for University Extension and Special Programmes (BUESP), Muhammad Qasim Haider highlighted the open schooling plan and said that it will be implemented in phases to ensure its quality.
The Autodesk University Extension Dubai 2013 will focus on the benefits of cloud-based solutions for the design industry.
According to the article, experts at Ohio State University Extension suggest keeping the plant at about 20 degrees Celsius during the day and a slightly lower temperature at night if you hope to prolong blooming.
AUDIENCE: University Extension specialists, local extension specialists, veterinarians, media and key distributor sales representatives
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