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the local time at the 0 meridian passing through Greenwich, England

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Coordinated Universal Time is apparently 32 seconds behind International Atomic Time because one adds leap seconds and the other doesn't.
London, Dec 18 (ANI): If an international group of timekeeping experts has its way, this year's leap second will be one of the last, which might mean that Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) would lose its status as the zone in which local time is the same as the universal time by which clocks are set.
The time signal is accurate to within 1,000th of a second of Universal Time.
Developed by Swatch five years ago as a universal time reference, "Internet Time" does away with time zones and helps to facilitate communication and collaboration between people around the world.
Naval Observatory is going to add a "leap second" to the world's clocks at 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on December 31, 2008.
and on September 9 at 00:29 universal time and 2:29 a.
The actual time in the StampServer originates from an official and trusted source of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) over a secure communications link.
SymmTime offers the user a number of official time sources from which to download Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - the international standard for time.
Time Lock is delivered by WetStone's Sovereign Time(TM) Division, a Root Time Authority providing a secure source of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) -- the international standard for time.
Using TrueTime's Mark V, the DoD and authorized Government customers can obtain the most reliable GPS-based timing possible with accuracy better than 10 nanoseconds to Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
Utopia interface levels one and two are also supported as well as a universal time division multiplexing (TDM) interface.
E-commerce applications including electronic fund transfers, stock trading, legal filings, medical record annotations, billing systems and other applications are dependent on accurate time - usually traceable to Universal Time Coordinated, UTC.
The evaluation module acquires precise time and frequency from atomic clocks aboard Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites with 40 nanosecond time accuracy and 1 X 10(to the power of -12) frequency accuracy referenced to the world's international time standard -- Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
CertifiedTime enables enterprise-wide time synchronization for servers, routers, desktops and firewalls to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the legal time base for North America.
The flash animations should put emphasis on Internet Time, the universal time system invented by Swatch.
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